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Best contract management software for freelancers

Written by Manasa Manogaran
March 28, 2024


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As freelancers take on more clients, they may struggle to keep their contracts organized and accessible. This can lead to missed contract renewal or expiry dates, creating periods of extreme vulnerability for them without protection by any documentation. 

Contract management software (also called contract lifecycle management software or CLM software) is designed to store and organize client contracts. It seamlessly connects the contract lifecycle to other business processes, like client onboarding and international payments.  Unfortunately, many of these solutions are geared toward large businesses and are too expensive or specialized for freelancers to use. 

But the good news is that there are some options that can make it easy to manage your contracts

In this article, we explore five top providers of contract management software for freelancers and independent contractors. 

What is contract management software, and why is it useful?

A freelance contract is an agreement between a freelancer and a client that establishes the working relationship between them. A contractor agreement typically outlines the nature of the work the freelancer will complete, payment rates and schedule, confidentiality clauses, and intellectual property (IP) ownership, among other requirements. Contract management software is a tool that helps users create, negotiate, sign, and store contracts digitally. It’s useful for freelancers because:

  • It makes finding specific contracts easy. 

  • It streamlines the contract lifecycle to reduce the contract cycle time. 

  • It automates contract management via alerts and reminders for when contracts need to be renewed.

  • It can improve compliance if its professional services extend beyond contract signing and storage (e.g., if they include custom contract templates for different countries).

  • Having contracts organized and safely stored mitigates risks associated with errors or discrepancies. 

What features should be included in contract management software for freelancers?

As a freelancer, you have a particular set of requirements that differ for large businesses. Some key features that you should look for include: 

  • Secure access controls to protect contracts from unauthorized access 

  • Clause language updates to ensure all contracts comply with industry standards

  • Change tracking so that it’s easy to follow negotiation history and compare different contract versions

  • Secure e-signatures to protect you and your clients from signature fraud 

  • Automated alerts to help you easily stay on top of renewal and expiry dates

  • Activity tracking to follow your progress in fulfilling contractual obligations for each contract 

  • Cycle contract time tracking to easily gauge how long you spend in each phase of the contract lifecycle and identify any bottlenecks

  • Integration with other software for a seamless flow of data, from contracts to other business management tools 

  • End-to-end encryption to ensure all contract data is kept confidential and compliant with data safety standards.

The best contract management software for freelancers 

Freelancers typically struggle to find contract lifecycle management solutions that meet their needs and are within their budget. Because your responsibilities are isolated to managing yourself and your clients, many software solutions are too complex and specialized to help. 

To make your life easier, we’ve chosen some of the best contract management software that can help you manage your contracts efficiently. 

1. Remote

Remote’s Freelancer Hub has everything you need to manage contracts, clients, and invoices from one convenient, centralized location. It allows for seamless data transfer from contract to client management, meaning you can onboard clients with one click. You can also invite new clients, send out contracts, and securely store all your documents within a single, unified platform.

Save hours of work by creating client-specific and project-specific contract templates to reuse time and time again. Remote’s expert team constantly updates the contract templates in compliance with local labor laws. So you can rest easy knowing you’re staying compliant with regulations around the world.

You can even choose to have your contracts in multiple languages, too, reducing the risk of miscommunication. Remote Freelancer Hub makes it easy for you to work with clients across the world.


  • Can manage your clients, contracts, invoices, and payments in one place

  • Offers localized contracts to keep you compliant 

  • Can create bilingual contracts and custom contract templates

  • Secure identity verification and passwords 


  • Contracts aren’t yet available for every country in the world



Best for 

Freelancers looking to expand their client base globally and manage their entire client lifecycle in one convenient place.

link to Remote Freelancer Hub gives freelancers tools to get paid faster, manage contracts and more
4 min

Remote Freelancer Hub gives freelancers tools to get paid faster, manage contracts and more

The Remote Freelancer Hub is a comprehensive toolset designed for remote freelancers to manage invoices, contracts, and payments effortlessly. Learn how Remote makes managing your clients easy.

2. Fiverr Workspace

Fiverr Workspace, previously AND.CO, aims to integrate every aspect of the contract management lifecycle. It turns business proposals into contracts and contracts into invoices. 

Fiverr worked with The Freelancers Union to create a standardized service agreement. This agreement facilitates fair, strong business relationships between freelancers and their clients, eliminating some back and forth when creating contracts. 

You can customize Fiverr Workspace’s contract templates by turning clauses on and off or attaching notes that add further detail. 


  • Paid plan allows for smart, editable contracts 

  • Includes E-signing functionality 

  • Contract templates follow the Freelance Isn’t Free Act


  • Since contracts are standardized, customization is limited 

  • Limited customer support in the free version 


Free plan available, but with no smart editable contracts, branded documents, business analytics, or priority support, as well as limited client management.

Paid version available at $24/month when paid monthly, or $18/month when paid annually.

Best for 

Freelancers looking to connect the contract creation process to client proposals and invoicing. 

3. PandaDoc

PandaDoc centralizes contract storage and enhances contract security while creating document analytics that you can use to gain insights into your contract workflow. Its drag-and-drop document editor allows for smooth contract creation and editing. 

The software also boasts time-tracking functionality and sends out notifications regarding the status of each contract. 


  • Has some tailored freelance agreements to fit specific industries

  • Unlimited document uploads 


  • Must have the paid business plan to access CRM integrations, custom branding, and bulk-send functionality

  • Limited customization and editing of contracts 


14-day free trial available. Essentials plan is $35/month when paid monthly, or $19/month when paid annually. Business plan starts at $49/month. 

There is the option to use a document-based pricing package where you only pay for the docs you create, but there’s no public information available for this pricing model.

Best for 

Freelancers looking to create standard contracts for their clients.

4. DocuSign CLM

DocuSign CLM automates your contract workflow to simplify the contract management lifecycle. You can use it to store, tag, and organize all your contracts in one place. Its drag-and-drop contract editor allows for easy contract creation, and its advanced search-and-find functionality means you’ll never lose a contract again. 

You can track each document’s progress to gain insights into your average contract workflow timeline. 


  • Third-party integration capabilities 

  • AI-assisted negotiation


  • Difficult to edit documents once they’re signed 

  • No public pricing available 


No public pricing information is available, so freelancers will need to contact DocuSign directly for a quote. 

Best for 

Freelancers who thrive on data and analytics and are looking for unique insights into their contract lifecycles. 

5. Jotform Sign

Jotform Sign is a straightforward contract creation and signing platform that helps automate the contract management process. 

Within the platform, you can upload PDFs of existing contracts, use Jotform’s contract templates, or build contracts from scratch using the program’s drag-and-drop contract builder. This contractor management system also allows for multiple people to edit forms and contracts simultaneously for collaborative contract creation. 

Plus, with custom coloring and fonts, you can easily match the contract to your branding. 


  • 600+ ready-made templates to choose from 

  • Can personalize email notifications to clients regarding contract renewals and expiry dates 


  • Free plan has limited functionality

  • Paid versions are expensive 

  • Building contracts can be a steep learning curve 


Free plan available with a limited number of signed forms. There are four other pricing levels starting at $39/month when paid monthly.  

Best for 

Freelancers looking for swift and simple form and contract creation.

How to choose the best contract management software for freelancers

Finding the right contract management software can transform your business as a freelancer.

When choosing a contract management system, identify your needs and priorities. Do you need the software to integrate with your invoicing system, or do you find the invoicing process straightforward? Do you need an e-signing functionality and data storage?

Make a checklist of your requirements and review the above software to find the best solution for you and your budget. 

Here are some of the features you can look for when choosing a solution:

  • Automated alerts (what kinds, when they happen, and how many platforms they can send alerts to) 

  • Collaboration abilities during contract creation and negotiation 

  • Customization potential when creating contracts or altering templates

  • Safe data storage

  • E-signing 

  • Find and search functionality 

  • Organized contract storage 

  • Seamless integrations with other apps (e.g., workflow software)

  • Pricing that matches your budget 

Make contract management effortless with Remote

As a freelancer, managing your client contracts is a vital part of your business workflow. Without easy e-signing, secure contract storage, and localized contracts, you risk losing valuable clients and business. 

As a leading global employment partner, Remote knows exactly what goes into building a strong global presence. We aim to arm international freelancers with the tools and knowledge they need to set themselves up for lasting success. 

Remote Freelancer Hub for contractors and freelancers is designed to integrate seamlessly with our other management tools. From localized compliant contracts and easy invoice automation to guaranteed payouts in your local currency, our platform aims to reduce administrative burden, allowing you to focus on the important work. 

Ready to get started? Try Remote Freelancer Hub for free today.

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