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Safeguard your business with Remote Contractor Management Plus

Written by Pedro Barros
January 24, 2024
Pedro Barros


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Businesses can now proactively manage misclassification risk with Contractor Management Plus on Remote!

Our goal is to make working with international contractors easy, compliant, and secure. Contractor Management Plus takes that commitment one step further, giving businesses even greater control over compliance as they work with global contractors.

Navigating the complexities of employee misclassification is a serious challenge. Get it wrong, and you could face tax implications, penalties, fines, and even damage to your reputation as an employer. Companies big and small have faced scrutiny for contractor mismanagement in the media, so whether you have one contractor or 1,000, it's essential to get it right the first time. Proactive risk mitigation limits your exposure to substantial penalties and legal actions while providing a more secure experience for your contractor workforce.

Why Contractor Management Plus?

If you are already working with contractors or are thinking about hiring contractors and want an extra layer of protection to safeguard your business from misclassification risks, then Contractor Management Plus is the right solution for you.

  • Indemnity warranty against misclassification: Robust indemnity protection against contractor misclassification. With Remote Contractor Management Plus, we cover penalties up to a limit of $100,000 USD per contractor and $1 million USD per client.

  • Built in compliance for peace of mind: Work with contractors compliantly in 200+ countries and territories. Our contracts are carefully crafted with a deep understanding of local labor laws. 

  • Simple, user-friendly platform: We’ve made sure we built a tool that saves you time. Our onboarding runs itself so you can create, fill out, and sign localized contracts with ease. We’re not joking when we say you can get started in minutes! The best part? Transparent payments with zero hidden fees. 

Upgrade seamlessly to Contractor Management Plus

Already managing contractors on Remote? Upgrade to Contractor Management Plus anytime from your Remote account. Just sign your new services agreement your plan will be upgraded to Contractor Management Plus, providing enhanced protection and peace of mind.

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Confidently hire contractors globally with Remote

Remote Contractor Management allows businesses to onboard, manage, and pay contractors quickly, easily, and — most importantly — compliantly. To see it for yourself, sign up for free in seconds to start onboarding or chat with one of our international contractor management experts.

Onboard, manage, and pay global contractors in one click

Sign up with Remote for locally compliant contract templates at just $29 per contractor per month, with no hidden fees.

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