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Gusto and Xero integrations, Contractor Management Plus, and improvements: January 2024 product release notes

January 11, 2024
Job van der Voort


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Remote’s mission continues to be to help companies of all sizes hire, manage, and pay the best person for the job, regardless of where they are in the world. We’ve released new integrations, features, and improvements in the last few weeks.

This month features two new important integrations with Gusto and Xero. Gusto Global by Remote means Gusto customers can now hire and pay employees outside the United States. Our Xero integration allows for automatic reconciliation of invoices between Remote and Xero saving time and improving accuracy. 

No matter how you employ your people, we want you to be successful and compliant. To help you do so, we recently released Contractor Management Plus, an important step toward ensuring your contract employees relationships are in line with local regulations.

The last several weeks have included several other milestones, like improving the UI for team structures and time off dashboards. Take a look at the latest updates and get in touch with us if you have thoughts, feedback, or requests. 

Gusto Global powered by Remote

U.S. companies hiring talent in Canada can now access Remote’s global infrastructure and suite of services within the Gusto platform. Gusto is working on opening the integration up to Remote customers in the near future, watch this space!

Learn more:

Reconciliation invoice integration with Xero

Designed to streamline your invoicing process, you can now improve efficiency when managing your invoices between Remote and Xero. This integration helps finance teams keep their payment data across systems accurate in their accounting software without manual work.

Reconciliation invoices will be automatically synced from Remote to Xero as a draft supplier bill. You can then be able review the bill in Xero and complete the approval process.

Find out more about enabling this integration.

Contractor Management Plus

Crafted to provide an additional safeguard layer against misclassification risks, Contractor Management Plus provides a new level of confidence in contractor engagement. 

From easy onboarding to automated payments and robust localized contractor agreements, you can confidently hire contractors across more than 200 countries. 

With Remote Contractor Management Plus, we provide misclassification indemnity coverage with a limit of $100,000 USD per contractor capped at $1 million USD per client. You can opt in to Contractor Management Plus at any point, whether you already have contractors with Remote or you’re adding your first batch.

Learn more: Contractor Management Plus

Time off dashboard

We’ve added more visibility into time off at a team level. This is the first of many improvements for the customer admin experience. In this month’s release, we showcase a brand new summary dashboard for employers to keep on top of time off.

Other improvements

We’ve made several additional improvements to your Remote experience in the last few weeks, including:

  • In-app notifications when an employee is nearing their probation end date

  • Improved UI for team structures

  • Improved mandatory salary increase tracking and notifications

  • Dashboard notifications for fixed-term contract endings

  • Seniority date visibility in the employee profile page.

  • Improved offboarding in HRIS

What’s coming next

Big new things are coming for Remote customers:

Remote Global Payroll

Want to pay employees with Remote in locations where you already own entities? With Remote Global Payroll, it’s possible.

Improved expense approval workflow

Expense approvals can be complicated. We’re making it easier.

Improved onboarding tax document flow for US-based employees

We’re making it easier to onboard US employees quickly and compliantly by taking the complexity of tax documentation our of the equation.

Thanks for reading, and as always, please contact us with any questions.

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