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Best HR Slack channels for professionals

Written by Masha Karachun
July 9, 2024
Masha Karachun


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Setting up HR Slack channels and communities is a great way for HR professionals to learn from each other and grow.

But with so many options out there, choosing the right slack channel for your needs can be overwhelming. In fact, the HR community is continuing to grow, with a projected 6% growth rate by 2032.

In this article, we break down the top 10 HR Slack communities you can explore as an HR professional.

What are Slack channels and communities? 

As a leading collaboration tool, Slack has two features for better communication and engagement: channels and communities.

Slack channels are dedicated workspaces for organizing conversations within a workforce. They’re often created for specific projects and departments. It helps teams share ideas and make decisions through communication.

Slack communities, on the other hand, are online groups designed around a specific industry, job, or interest. Its goal is to be a convenient space for collaboration, learning, and networking. 

slack channels and slack communities to collaborate as a group

Slack communities help professionals exchange knowledge, build networks, and stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. These platforms are also a great for discussing best practices, solving problems, and providing support.

Why should you care about HR Slack channels and communities? 

You can organize Slack channels on specific topics for a productive conversation. Many Slack communities offer workshops, webinars, and resource libraries to support skill development and personal growth.

Slack groups are valuable spaces for sharing feedback, brainstorming ideas, and celebrating wins. HR professionals can also leverage these platforms to discover new job opportunities and seek mentorship. 

How to pick the proper HR Slack channels or communities 

When browsing HR Slack communities, it’s important to know what to look out for. For example, if you’re just starting out with Slack groups, consider an active community. You'll get opportunities to engage and network while you get accustomed to best practices for using Slack in HR.   

Make sure to also choose a well-moderated community with admins who aim to keep conversations as relevant as possible. Before joining, thoroughly review the rules and channel descriptions; this will help you start off on the right foot. 

Also, check that the Slack community aligns with your specific interests and goals. It's a good idea to opt for groups with individuals who keep things professional and share reliable information.  

The top 10 Slack channels and communities for HR 

Many Slack groups are specifically built to support professionals who work in the HR and recruiting space. Here are some of the best HR Slack channels and communities to explore.


#People focuses on building better companies through effective people management. With over 6,000 members, HR professionals can participate in engaging discussions, events, and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. 

The #People community even has its own podcast and newsletter, giving members the opportunity to expand their knowledge beyond the group.

Prospective members must submit an application, which is screened thoroughly. Once accepted, they gain exclusive lifetime access to the group. 

It’s important to note that admins are serious about enforcing community rules, with members required to make a “#people promise.” This removes bots, product pluggers, and other sources of disruption to keep conversations as organized and productive as possible.

Resources for Humans

Resources for Humans is an engaging Slack community with over 20,000 members. This large group is centered on encouraging forward-thinking discussions about people ops topics. On it, HR professionals can connect, share advice, and ask questions about improving company culture. 

Resources for Humans boasts a live chat communication style, with structured channels on specific topics such as HR tech and diversity. There’s also a dedicated space for job postings.

Members have the chance to attend virtual events and webinars to gain valuable insights from industry leaders into the ever-evolving HR space.  

The group is also well-moderated, with a strict code of conduct to weed out solicitors. Those who are interested in joining can complete an onboarding form to get started.

While Resources to Humans is open to anyone in the industry, it’s a particularly good fit for HR professionals who work in startups and other high-growth sectors.

People Geek

Managed by the CultureAmp team, People Geek is a robust HR community with over 15,000 members. The group focuses on using data and analytics in HR, helping members learn how to make sense of talent acquisition and employee performance metrics. 

This community is ideal for HR professionals looking to improve their analytical skills and understand how to make data-driven decisions in HR. Members can gain key insights on culture-related topics and expand their global networks. 

In addition to offering plenty of virtual discussions, People Geek organizes occasional physical events to allow for in-person engagement. The platform also features location-based channels, making it easy for members to connect with others in their area.

Membership is free, with an approval process for new members. The group is closely monitored to ensure conversations remain relevant.


If you’re looking for a better alternative to traditional conferences, HRtoHR is the community that you are looking for. With over 3,800 members, this community aims to provide an informal and low-pressure setting for real-time learning on a wide range of topics. 

HR professionals gather in HRtoHR to chat about best practices and common challenges in the industry. It’s a great platform for finding new friends and mentors, not to mention ideal for learning about the latest advancements in recruitment technology. 

Hacking HR

Hacking HR is all about brainstorming and developing revolutionary ways to connect with employees. The group covers plenty of topics, including artificial intelligence and digital transformation in HR. There are also dedicated channels for people analytics and diversity.

If you’re interested in gaining fresh insights, sharing ideas, and staying at the forefront of the latest HR innovations, Hacking HR is a good choice for you. Filled with opportunities for collaboration, all members of Hacking HR get exclusive access to valuable resources, such as customized learning programs, job posts, events, and webinars. 


With 47% of HR leaders reporting employee experience as a top priority. PeoplePeople is a great place to discuss people management.

Managed by HRChief, PeoplePeople boasts a global community of over 9,000 members. It serves as a platform for sharing ideas, discussing best practices, and discovering innovative strategies to improve the employee experience. 

It's also a highly diverse community, allowing for a wide range of perspectives. Members gain access to a variety of HR learning and growth opportunities, including resources, training, and career development guidance. Recruitment influencers often pop in to share their experiences and answer members’ questions. There’s also a #networking channel that automatically pairs members monthly. 

The PeoplePeople community welcomes anyone who works in the HR, recruiting, or talent management space. It’s an especially useful resource if you’re directly involved in hiring or culture-building processes within your organization. 

Membership in PeoplePeople is free, with an application form available for joining.

POPs United

If you’re looking for meaningful discussions on people ops-related topics, POPs United is for you. 

Managed by LifeLabs Learning, POPs United is a dedicated platform for people ops professionals to exchange resources, solve problems, and support each other. With over 3,000 members, this community is great for growing your knowledge and staying one step ahead of the latest challenges in the HR industry. 

While this group is open to HR professionals from both small and large companies, many of its members are entrepreneurs or involved in venture-backed companies. 

An application is required to join POPs United, but the requirements are straightforward. Prospective members simply need to verify that their position is relevant to HR or talent management.

The Shape of Work Community 

The Shape of Work Community is a new yet rapidly growing platform. With more than 13,000 members, this community gathers HR professionals and people managers together to share industry best practices and resources that redefine how they work in their field. 

Members of the Shape of Work Community have access to a variety of perks, including master classes and roundtable discussions. With 10 different channels that cover a wide range of both light-hearted and serious subjects, an anonymous bot also gives members the chance to ask questions privately if they choose. 

Membership in the Shape of Work Community is free, with an invitation required to join.

How HR Slack channels or communities can benefit remote, global workers 

87% of team members report that collaborative tools make them more productive. This is especially true for remote and globally distributed teams. If you have a distributed HR team, set up HR Slack channels to collaborate across teams and timezones.

Slack can also serve as a centralized source of knowledge, hosting important materials like job descriptions and onboarding checklists in one location. This improves consistency and gives team members quick and reliable access to key information.  Plus, Slack channels help HR managers communicate with global employees more effectively and keep everyone up to speed on various policies. Rather than answering multiple questions on benefits or vacation time, HR leaders can direct employees to dedicated channels that answer specific questions. 

HR Slack channel benefits for remote teams

Simplify HR tasks with Remote 

HR Slack channels and communities are a great way for HR professionals to expand their knowledge and grow professionally.

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