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Introducing the 2022 Remote Influencer Report

Written by Hallie Wiseman
March 31, 2022
Hallie Wiseman


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Remote’s mission is to bring remote working cultures closer together so that people and companies can grow further. We envision a world where every person and business can find belonging in the global market. Although remote work will continue to grow in popularity and influence, many organizations are still struggling to embrace this new working model and unlock its full potential.

For the second year in a row, we are excited to announce the Remote Influencer Report — the ultimate guide to the most inspiring and influential thinkers in the remote working world. These are the people you need to know if you are leading a business adapting or transitioning to a remote model; a remote worker looking for tips; or an HR leader trying to get a better understanding of how work will evolve in the future.

Meet this year’s influencers!

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Who is in the report?

This report brings together 150 experts on remote work: from the pioneers who have been leading the movement for years to individuals who are enabling the expansion of remote anywhere in the globe, as well as the creators of the tools and frameworks required to make remote work a reality. To ensure we captured the full range of major players in remote work, we split the influencers into three groups: Innovators, Enablers, and Accelerators.

Remote Innovators

Remote Innovators are the ones who blazed the trail for remote work. These people were working and leading remotely before it was cool. They founded all-remote companies before anyone had heard of Slack, studied workplace models, authored books, and uncovered data to find the potential impact of remote work on businesses, workers, and the economy. These are people who demonstrate disruptive thinking and do things differently to make the remote movement advance. These influencers laid the foundation for the global shift to remote work.

Some Innovators we identified include:

  • Jordan Carroll, remote job coach and founder of The Remote Job Club

  • Jason Fried, CEO and co-founder of Basecamp

  • Daphnée Laforest, founder and distributed workplace strategist at Modern Leaders

Remote Enablers

Remote Enablers are the ones making remote work possible today. These are the founders who have created remote work tools, as well as the coaches, trainers, and consultants helping people make the shift. Without these influencers and their shared tools and knowledge, remote work would be much harder. We all rely on the groundwork they are creating to empower distributed teams.

Some Enablers we identified include:

  • Tammy Bjelland, founder and CEO at Workplaceless

  • Justin Mitchell, founder and CEO at Yac

  • Amir Salihefendić, founder and CEO at Doist

Remote Accelerators

Remote Accelerators are changing the game for the future of work. They are HR and business leaders at major companies going remote. People in this group include leading business journalists and bloggers who influence thousands of decision-makers. When they act, they take people with them, and it is thanks to them that the permanent shift to remote work is happening at all. These influencers are listening to the Innovators and using tools created by the Enablers to accelerate this shift for the long term.

Some Accelerators we identified include:

  • Darcy Boles, director of culture and innovation at TaxJar

  • Lorraine Charles, co-founder and executive director at Na'amal

  • Annie Dean, VP of Team Anywhere at Atlassian

Did we miss anyone?

We are delighted to share this report to help businesses and individuals keep pace with the rapidly evolving world of remote work. However, we recognize that rapid change means more people will continue to make great strides, many of whom do not appear here.

If you are a champion of remote work or know someone who is, let us know! We are always looking for more strong voices in the remote work space.

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