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Loom converts contractors to employees and creates equitable employee experiences

November 16, 2021
Preston Wickersham


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See how Loom, one of the largest video communications platforms in the world — and a favorite tool of Remote! — leverages Remote’s global infrastructure to grow their team in new countries.

How Loom is growing internationally with Remote

As a robust and revolutionary video messaging platform, it’s no wonder Loom is experiencing rapid growth. But their booming, remote-first business needs to expand quickly with access to the world’s top talent. How could they keep their personable customer support and enviable employee equity while adding headcount globally?

Loom company stats

  • HQ: San Francisco, CA

  • Founded: 2015

  • Company size: 180 employees

  • Industry: Software and technology

  • Total employee countries: 9

By partnering with Remote, Loom got exactly what they wanted in a global HR partner. Loom has raised their high standard of employee experience by turning many of their former contractors into full-time employees. Global hires receive a similar experience to domestic employees, allowing the company to maintain its legendary customer service quality during its rapid growth.

Why Loom chose Remote

What made Remote the right choice for Loom? Several factors came into play:

  1. Remote offered coverage where Loom currently had international employees, as well as entities in other countries where Loom was looking to hire. See Remote’s Country Explorer for available countries and roadmap.

  2. Partnering with Remote provided Loom the value they needed for the fair and transparent cost associated with Remote's EOR service. Learn more about Remote’s Fair Price Guarantee!

  3. Loom says working with Remote has been incredibly easy, and the process for onboarding and managing employees is simple. Read some expert tips for onboarding remote employees!

Supporting Loom’s growing remote workforce

Loom has a great problem on its hands. The video messaging platform grew exponentially over the last few years as more people transitioned to working remotely. In 2021, Loom’s user base grew at a rate of 900% year-over-year.

However, as a remote-first company, what's been most important to Meghana Reddy, Loom's VP of People and Operations, is employee equity.

"What matters to us is providing a level playing field — do our employees outside the US get the same experience as employees as those in the US?"

If employees don't feel taken care of, performance suffers. If performance suffers, Loom can't support its growing customer base. Loom needed a partner who could not only help the company employ international workers legally, but do it in a way that created an equitable experience for everyone.

International hiring made easy

As a remote-first company, Loom considers its talent pool to be global. When it comes to hiring remote employees in the U.S., they have it figured out. But when it comes to navigating local laws internationally, things get tricky.

“We had 15 people in 11 different countries,” says Reddy. “As an HR team, it was difficult to keep track of all the different rules and regulations of hiring individuals in a particular country. Typically, you can only do this if you hire enough people to scale into having an international hub and dedicate someone to manage that hub. We brought in Remote to help us navigate these complexities and manage the process of hiring and having access to a global talent pool."

Supporting Loom’s growing global team

Working with Remote, Loom has been able to convert several contractors to employees. "It legitimized their experience with us and provided a better experience for the employees,” Reddy says.

“As we continue to scale and go forward, we can now provide employees the opportunity to relocate through Remote and hire great candidates through Remote."

Loom is now in a place where they can be more intentional about where they would like to go.

Working with Remote also offers benefits for international employees, which is invaluable for Reddy and the Loom team as they continue to focus on employee experience. "The ability to get an employee to get a contract in their home country is huge. They're able to do things, like get a mortgage or have a pension fund, which allows them to see themselves at Loom long term."

With Remote, Loom sees a bright future for its expanding global workforce. Reddy and the entire Loom team can rest easy knowing they have the right partner for the international talent they need to support their growing business — no matter where that talent may live.

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