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Note: This article is from 2020, so some information may be outdated. Don't worry though: Remote never charges any hidden percentages or fees, and our prices today are better than ever. Get the latest information at

Remote’s mission is to remove any obstacles between companies and the best talent, wherever they may have chosen to live. We do that by acting as an employer of record (EOR) or as a professional employment organization (PEO), taking care of payroll, benefits and compliance in every country in the world, so companies can focus on what matters most — their people. Today we’re simplifying our pricing model and reducing our fees, so that global employment can be accessible to even more organizations.

Starting today, employing globally through Remote will only cost $599 per employee per month when billed annually, or $699 when paid month to month. No onboarding or offboarding fees, no minimum contract length, no hidden costs. We only ask for a 10% of gross annual salary security deposit, which is returned at the end of the contract.

Simpler and more affordable than ever

EORs have traditionally charged a percentage fee over total cost of employment. This was also Remote’s previous pricing model, which was set at 10%. Most global employment services charge 18-60% plus onboarding fees, and often they don’t provide the delightful experience that the best employers should offer their talent. Others charge a fixed fee, but their contract includes several hidden fees and long-term commitments that are often unsustainable for organizations.

What’s more, charging a percentage of total cost of employment discourages offering competitive salaries or giving salary bumps, as any increase in compensation or benefits would result in an increased fee. This runs contrary to our goal of creating opportunities everywhere and allowing companies to reward and delight their distributed teams.

Similarly, we won’t be charging more for employment in countries that are significantly more complicated and risky to employ people in. We’re built for scale, and employing in any country should cost the same.

Even faster onboarding

Getting started with Remote can now be done in a matter of minutes. We take in all information from both employer and employee, we send contracts and we’re all set. No more lengthy pricing conversations to explain how our percentage-based pricing is calculated. You simply pay for everything related to employing someone (salary, taxes, benefits), plus $599 a month.

With increased transparency and clarity, employing your first hire anywhere in the world will be even faster. Stay tuned for even more ways in which we’ll simplify the onboarding experience in the future.

Hire someone through Remote today

To employ someone today, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you immediately. We currently support employment in the countries listed on, and are opening up new countries constantly. 

Do you need help in a country we don’t support yet? Please get in touch anyway. We’ll reprioritize country availability if the demand supports it.


What happens if I’ve previously received a quote from Remote?

The new pricing applies to everyone, and we’re happy to send you an updated quote. Please reach out to us. All existing customers are already on the new pricing.

What is included?

All our services are included: local payroll, benefits, compliance and support from our team of in-country people operations specialists. We’ll continue offering the most delightful experience to all global employees.

What is not included in the new pricing?

The new pricing includes all of our services. Any costs related to employment, such as salary, benefits, and country-specific taxes are not included. We’d be glad to create a cost simulation to help you understand all costs associated with hiring in any country.

Are there really no other fees or costs?

When starting to employ someone with Remote, we ask for a security deposit of 10% of annual gross salary, which is returned at the end of the contract. Other than that, we charge our monthly flat fee, and nothing else.