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Top features

  • Guided onboarding and offboarding

  • Employee profile and document management

  • Time and attendance (time off and tracking)

  • Expense management and reimbursement

  • Employee self-serve on the platform and mobile app

Contractor Management

Compliantly onboard and pay contractors


per contractor/month

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Top features

  • Only pay for contractors you actively work with

  • Work with contractors in 180+ countries

  • Create, edit, and sign tailored, compliant contracts

  • Approve contractor invoices with one click or auto-pay

  • Transparent payments with zero hidden fees

Employer of Record

Hire and pay your global team

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Top features

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • No deposits or hidden fees

  • No onboarding or offboarding fees

  • Compliant equity incentives support including withholding and reporting

  • Built-in security and compliance

  • Fast onboarding (average 2-3 days)

  • Flexible, localized benefits

Global Payroll

Consolidate your multi-country payroll


per employee/month

Top features

  • Reduce costs by centralizing payroll management

  • Ensure local compliance for every country

  • Direct support from in-house local payroll experts

  • Accurate, on-time, compliant payroll to level-up your employee experience

  • Tax and labor authority reporting handled for you

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  • The level of trust and transparency with Remote felt quite different from some of the other pricing conversations that I have had in the past. Sometimes you go into these conversations feeling like you’re about to be oversold. But Remote is genuinely interested in optimizing our business, and giving us the best pricing models and plans for our needs.

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Our Fair Price Guarantee means no hidden fees or large upfront deposits


Other providers

Deposit requirements

Intelligent risk-based approach — only required in rare circumstances.

1 month of the Total Cost of Employment (TCE)

Require deposits for all employees.

1.5-3 months of the Total
Cost of Employment (TCE)

Severance accrual


Added to monthly invoice

Extra deposit for PTO above legal minimum


Up to 2 months of TCE

Extra deposit for no probation period


Up to 2 months of TCE

Extra deposit for notice periods beyond one month


1 additional month deposit for each
month of notice above 1 month

EOR transfers (PTO, seniority or severance carry-over)


Up to 2 months of TCE

Extra deposit for equity incentive plans


Some countries require 1 year for
salary and variable compensation

Extra deposit for other reasons


Yes. Always ask!

Deposit refunds

Refund is initiated once final invoice is paid. No offboarding fees.

Deposit is held until final invoice is paid
which can be up to 60 days after termination.

Offboarding fees may apply.

Additional fees for onboarding, offboarding, off-cycle payments, transaction fees


Yes. Fees vary per provider.

Total deposits and fees requested

Zero deposits for majority of our customers

2-12 months salary on deposit per employee!

Be sure to ask about additional fees.

Fair Price Guarantee

Get peace of mind with our fair and transparent pricing.

Low, flat-rate pricing

Hire, manage, and pay contractors and employees for one low, monthly rate.

No hidden fees or surprises

Unlike other providers, we don’t charge extra for services like offboarding or equity management.

No Minimums

No minimum contract amounts or lengths, number of hires, or exclusivity agreements. Companies of all sizes can use Remote in the way that works for them.

Pay as you go

We don’t require upfront deposits for every employee. Instead, we use intelligent risk scoring and may require a reserve in rare circumstances. Keep your cash and use it to grow your business.

EOR Satisfaction Guarantee

Try Remote risk-free. If you’re not completely satisfied, we'll refund all management fees for the first 90 days.

Only pay for what you use

Unlike other vendors, we only charge you for the contractors you work with in a given month, saving you money automatically.

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Trusted by leaders in remote work

What’s included in Remote

  • One Global HR Platform

    • All HR data and processes in one system

    • One secure login for everything

    • Unlimited employee and contractor management

    • Unlimited admin seats for your team

    • Simple approval flows (e.g. time off, expenses)

  • Track and manage the full employee lifecycle

    • Onboarding

    • Offboarding

    • Job changes

    • Promotions

    • Team profiles

    • Document storage

    • Custom fields

  • Payroll

    • Incentives and bonuses

    • PTO management

    • Payslip generation

    • Local tax calculations

    • Payroll compliance

    • Unified multi-country payroll

  • Hire internationally without an entity

    • Cost of Employment Calculator

    • Where to Hire Calculator

    • Compliant onboarding

    • Local benefits

    • Intellectual property protection

  • Manage and pay contractors

    • Compliant local contracts

    • In-app signing

    • Designated signatories

    • Contractor invoicing

    • Invoice approvals

    • Local payments

    • Automated approvals and payments

  • Payments

    • Local currency salary payments

    • Local currency contractor payments

    • Same-day payments

    • FX handled by default

  • Integrations

    • Remote API

    • Greenhouse

    • Zapier

    • Bamboo HR

    • HiBob

    • Personio

    • Easop

    • Zeit

  • Employee self-service

    • Unlimited platform access for employees and contractors

    • Expense management

    • Time & Attendance

    • Time tracking

    • Invoicing

    • Benefits hub

    • Mobile app to complete key tasks on the go

  • Insights and reports

    • Insights dashboard

    • Gross-to-net payroll reports

    • Time-tracking reports

    • Data exports

  • Security and reliability

    • Unlimited, customizable roles and permissions

    • Single Sign On

    • Two-Factor Authentication

    • GDPR Compliant

    • SOC 2

    • SO 27001 Certified

    • 99.999% uptime

    • Daily backups

    • In-house platform security team

    • In-house data protection team

  • Support

    • 24/5 customer, employee, and contractor support

    • Help centre

    • In-app live chat

    • Email support

  • Compliance

    • Intellectual property and invention rights protection

    • In-house legal team

    • Daily regulatory updates

  • Billing

    • 14 day payment terms

    • Simple-to-understand invoices

    • Employee cost breakdowns

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Frequently Asked Questions

We collect reserve payments in rare circumstances. This is a form of financial security that enables us to pay employees even if the customer is unable to pay us. Other EOR providers charge additional deposits for offering PTO above the legal minimum, removing probation periods, incentive plans, and monthly severance accruals. We don't.

Employees are paid in their home currency according to the salary in their employment agreement. If this currency is different from your preferred billing currency, we convert this amount using a very competitive FX rate which is the mid-market spot rate plus a small spread. Your invoice will show the conversion of the total cost of employment into your preferred billing currency. Our rates are very competitive compared to many banks, payment service providers, and other EOR providers.

It’s free to create a Remote account and begin using it to add and manage contractors.

Remote Contractor Management is $29 per month per active contractor; this means you only pay each month for the contractor(s) that you actively work with.

You can use Remote to add and invite any number of direct, EOR employees, and contractors, with no minimum requirements or fees.

To process payroll for your direct employees with our Global Payroll product, there is a minimum monthly fee, equivalent to three employees per month.

Whether you're hiring employee number 1, or employee number 1000, we're here to help you scale.

There are no platform, onboarding, or setup fees for our HRIS, EOR, and Contractor Management products. You will only pay, as you go, for the product(s) that you want and need.

To process payroll for your own entities with our Global Payroll product, there is an implementation fee - equivalent to one month's cost per employee. Talk to sales to learn more.


Our free HRIS platform and low-cost additional global HR products are very well priced in comparison to alternatives in the market.

We directly own all of our legal entities around the world and we never work through third parties to employ workers on behalf of our customers for our Employer of Record product. This not only avoids expensive third party mark ups, but also ensures we have full and direct control of the experience for all EOR employees.

Our Contractor Management product includes a market-leading Fair Price Guarantee, ensuring you only pay for contractors you're actually working with.

Using Remote to process your Global Payroll won't penalize your business as it evolves - you can add new starters and process leavers without additional costs, unlike other providers.

We can bill our customers in EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, DKK, GBP, JPY, NZD, NOK, SEK, or CHF. You can find more detailed information at Global Employment: Billing & Invoicing.

Still have more questions? Remote Support can help right away.

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