Rhiannon Payne, Bruce Gilbert, and Nadia Vatalidis on managing a global benefits plan

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[Webinar Recording] Managing a global benefits plan


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Offering benefits to attract and retain great people is tricky. Managing a global benefits plan that is equitable and compliant all over the world? That’s even harder.

Fortunately, a trio of Remote’s international employment experts are here to help. In this one-hour webinar, you’ll get a crash course on all things global benefits, as well as a lively Q&A with real questions from business owners hiring around the world.

Watch the global benefits webinar now!

Join Nadia Vatalidis, VP of People; Bruce Gilbert, Director of Global Benefits; and Rhiannon Payne, Senior Product Marketing Manager and remote work evangelist, as they share practical tips on how to bring great benefits to your global team.

What does it mean to manage a global benefits plan?

Offering benefits to team members in multiple countries is less about managing the benefits than it is about adopting a global strategy. With 66% of employers planning to expand their remote work options, according to the Global Workforce Revolution Report, now is the time to start thinking internationally.

Remote understands the importance of benefits better than anyone. With hundreds of our own employees in dozens of countries all over the world, we have experienced every benefits challenge firsthand. Our locally owned entities, attention to detail, and rigorous compliance processes ensure that we not only know all there is to know about benefits — we also put that knowledge into practice to help thousands of workers around the world.

Have more questions about global benefits?

The world is a big place. Maybe you need to know more about healthcare in Helsinki, maternity leave in Mexico City, or paid time off in Prague. Whatever your global benefits questions may be, Remote is here to help.

Contact our global employment experts today to see how easy it can be to grow your global team.

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