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Announcing Remote for Refugees

Aug 31, 2021
Job van der Voort


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Today we are introducing Remote for Refugees, a program that makes it easy and cost effective for businesses to invest in refugee talent. Remote now offers FREE global employment for all refugees who reside in countries where we have an entity. If you are hiring refugee talent, talk to our team and learn more about our program here.

Remote’s commitment to refugee workers

We have been working with governments and organizations that provide resources to refugees to come up with joint solutions that will directly help refugees rebuild their lives. This work is more urgent than ever, with millions of people being displaced from Afghanistan, Syria, and other war-torn countries. As a company that enables global employment opportunities, we feel it is our moral responsibility to help refugees get back on their feet through dignified employment.

Our mission is to open the vast potential of every person, business, and country, building a world where we can all thrive. Dignified employment is a force multiplier, enabling refugees to rebuild their lives and contribute to the communities where they live. Better employment opportunities also enrich communities by making room for more diverse perspectives.

More organizations supporting global refugees

We also want to highlight some of the amazing organizations that have been providing resources for refugees, including training, job placement, and advocacy:

1. For refugee remote-readiness training, we recommend:

  • Na'amal, which partners with leading organizations to support refugees and other vulnerable populations through skills training, mentorship and remote work placement opportunities. Please contact the team at naamal@naamal.org to recruit skilled refugee talent.

2. For finding refugee talent and refugee-seeking employers, we recommend:

  • FlexJobs, the number one job site to find remote, work-from-home, and flexible job opportunities since 2007. Special offers are available for authorized refugee organizations or governments supporting refugees. Please contact Julie at julie@flexjobs.com and mention this initiative.

  • Jobs for Humanity, whose Jobs for Refugees connects refugees, displaced individuals, and asylum seekers with welcoming employers across the world. For a limited time, job listings and applications are ​​free.

  • Talent Beyond Boundaries, which is unlocking skilled migration pathways for refugees.

3. For company leaders who want to connect with other like-minded businesses, we recommend:

  • Tent, the company mobilizing the business community to improve the lives and livelihoods of over 30 million refugees forcibly displaced from their home countries.

4. For refugees from Afghanistan in need of housing, check out Airbnb’s pledge.

Only together will we achieve our goal of extending the world of opportunity to everyone, regardless of where they are, where they’ve come from, or where they’re going.

Have comments or an idea to help us support refugee talent around the globe? Please reach out to us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or growth@remote.com.

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Questions regarding Remote for Refugees

Who qualifies for the Remote for Refugee rate?

This offer is available for all refugee talent who can show documentation of their refugee status and have the right to work or a work permit in their host country.

Does the Remote for Refugee rate expire?

For as long as a person holds refugee status, this special discount will apply.

We plan to keep the program open for at least the next five years, with a view to extend the program. At multiple stages, we will evaluate the impact that this initiative is having and adjust where needed.

In which host countries can this rate be activated?

As long as the refugee has the legal right to work, we can employ them in any country where we have an entity. Check our Country Explorer for our live countries and projected launches. If you are a refugee and you are unsure if you have the right to work in your new country, we strongly recommend discussing your situation with your resettlement representative or local authority.

Can I combine this rate with other Remote offers?

Yes. This offer is independent of our other offers.

I’m a refugee. How do I activate this rate?

The Remote for Refugee rate is for employers hiring refugee talent. If you are a refugee, we highly encourage applying for roles through refugee-specific job boards (listed above) or discussing your candidacy with various refugee recruitment agencies. If you’re already speaking with an employer, you can let them know about this offer or add a note in your CV.

To reiterate, you will need to have the right to work or work permit in your host country to be hired via Remote.

I work for a refugee support organization and want to learn more.

Please email our team at growth@remote.com to discuss how Remote can help you and the refugee talent your organization represents. Alternatively, two talent finding resources are offering special offers:

  • FlexJobs is offering a special offer for remote work-seeking refugees to access their service. Please contact Julie Mahoney at julie@flexjobs.com and mention this initiative. FlexJobs offers career coaching, resume assistance, and access to world-class employers seeking remote talent.

  • Jobs for Humanity, for a limited time, is offering free posting of jobs for refugee talent and for refugees to apply.

I work for a government agency and want to learn more.

Please email our team at growth@remote.com and partnerships@remote.com to discuss how Remote and your agency could work together to create more opportunities for dignified employment for your refugee talent.

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