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Remote’s job board, freelancer features, HRIS additions and more: November 2023 product release notes

November 28, 2023
Job van der Voort


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The entire Remote team has been working hard on this month’s updates. We have some exciting announcements to share, including several key improvements to your Remote experience.

We’ve launched Remote Talent: a new way to help businesses find the best international talent. It seemed pretty obvious for someone called Job running a company called Remote to launch a remote job board, so that's exactly what we did. Go check out the latest roles, post listings of your own, and sync your open roles from Greenhouse to access a world of talent in minutes.

Remote exists to help talent meet opportunities, and supporting freelancers as they grow their own income streams is a core part of that vision. The new Remote Freelancer Hub gives independent contractors everything they need to manage clients, submit invoices, and get paid fast. Expect many more improvements to this over the coming months.

You’ll also find much more from the last month in the release notes below, including guaranteed payout amounts for contractors, a new benefit renewal process for EOR employers, and much more.

As always, we'd love to hear from you, so feel free to share your thoughts with us on social media, reach out to your Remote rep, or get in touch with the team.

Remote Talent

Hiring international teams is just one part of the puzzle. Before you hire someone, you need to find them. So, where do you find the best people to fill your open roles?

The answer is the new Remote Talent job board, changing how businesses find and recruit global candidates by giving them more of the tools they need

While other job boards seek profit by selling impressions and promoted listings, Remote Talent is designed with one goal: connecting businesses to the people they’re looking for, no matter where those people might be.

Read the announcement to find out more

Remote Freelancer Hub

Remote Freelancer Hub enables contractors and freelancers to sign up and manage their freelance business operations — without being tied to one employer.

Freelancers can make use of the best of Remote Contractor Management, including simple and automated invoicing, guaranteed payouts, and fast payments.

With this launch, freelancers can manage invoicing for multiple clients and store their details in Remote too. We’ve got big plans to help freelancers streamline even more of their business ops and admin over the coming months!

Read the announcement to learn more

Guaranteed local-currency payouts for contractor invoices

For businesses working with contractors, your contractors using Remote can now create invoices in their own withdrawal method currency, even if your business pays their invoice in another currency. We’ll handle the complicated FX calculations and absorb currency fluctuations. This means we can guarantee the payout amount so your contractor will get paid exactly what they invoice.

This has been a big request from contractors and employers who often agree payment terms in the contractor’s local currency. With this new update, it’s easier for contractors and employers to work across borders.

Learn more about how this works on the help center.

2024 public holidays on Remote

You can now see all of next year’s public holidays for each country, directly in Remote. Just open the public holidays and move forward to 2024 for easier planning.

Add direct employees before inviting them to complete their profile

If you’re bringing existing employees to Remote — whether you manage their data in spreadsheets or in other HR software — you probably already have their details on hand.

You can now add these employees in the “Add Employee” flow and save your team time. After adding the information, you can then invite employees to join Remote and complete their profiles. Once your employees are on Remote, you can add information including emergency contact, address, and preferred pronouns, as well as details about their contracts like salary, working hours, and time off.

Understand and manage benefit renewals in Remote

Each year, our expert local benefit teams renegotiate with benefit providers to improve coverage and reduce costs. Previously, communication of these changes were managed solely by email, but we are now sharing historical information for even more transparency.

For 2024 renewals, you can now compare historical benefit offerings with new available plans, giving you more insight and context for your decision-making process. Then, when you’ve researched and chosen the new level of coverage for your employees, you can submit your choices seamlessly in Remote. You can see savings and new coverage options updated for your employees in the Benefits Hub.

Improved manager assignment and direct report information

We’ve made it easier to connect managers and team members with a new, clearer management view of direct reports.

Now, you can assign a manager to an employee directly from their profile, even if the manager isn’t on Remote yet. In addition, you can view and manage the reports of each manager from their employee profile — making assignments and oversight more efficient and user-friendly.

What’s coming next?

Sync EOR reconciliation invoices to Xero

We know that you want better integration with your finance and accounting tools. We’ll soon be rolling out the first phase of an integration with Xero to streamline your accounting process and reduce manual work.

Reconciliation invoices will be automatically created as drafts in Xero, eliminating manual data entry, to be ready for your review. Over time, we’ll expand this to other types of invoices too.

We’ll be testing this with beta customers over the coming months and hope to roll out more widely in early 2024.

Sneak peek: Additional protection for contractor engagements

We’re working on a new way to help companies manage risk against contractor misclassification. Keep an eye out for more news coming soon!

Assign departments and managers while adding a new employee

Soon, you’ll be able to assign the department and the manager of new hires during the onboarding flow, enabling managers to keep track of their hires’ onboarding progress.

Thanks for reading, and as always, please contact us with any questions.

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