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What is it like for your employees when you use Remote?

February 26, 2021
Preston Wickersham


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You already know Remote offers the best global employment solutions for businesses. But what are those solutions like for your employees?

Rest easy. We treat your employees like we treat our own: with care, attentiveness, and respect. Think of Remote as an extension of your own company: a part of your HR department, distributed across multiple countries. Because we own entities in every country where we offer employment services, we can provide the highest level of service to your workers directly through our in-country resources.

In short, being employed through Remote is no different than being employed directly. Your people are your people, from start to finish, while we take care of the hard stuff.

How does the employee enrollment process work?

We take out all the complications of global employment. Our streamlined process makes it easy to onboard your employees on our platform.

  1. Your employee sets up a profile with Remote. Our automated onboarding process guides your employee through the process in minutes.

  2. Remote confirms your employee’s identity. Our experts confirm your employee’s identity using the provided documents.

  3. A dedicated HR onboarding specialist contacts your employee. A member of our team contacts your employee to answer their questions and ensure they receive a positive experience from the start.

  4. We handle the paperwork. Your employee and their dedicated representative complete the necessary paperwork to comply with the laws of their country.

  5. Benefits enrollment begins. We enroll your employee in all the benefits programs you have chosen to offer.

  6. Remote handles payroll so you can get back to business. Remote enrolls your employee in our in-country payroll solution. You and your team can begin working together right away, while we take care of all ongoing payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance needs.

Simple, clean, and fast: Remote has all the local knowledge and expertise to onboard your employees quickly and in full compliance with their country’s unique set of labor laws. Your team members will be delighted by how easy it is to get started with Remote — and that means a great first impression of life at your company.

What your employees gain through Remote

After the onboarding process, Remote continues to ensure your team members feel like full and respected members of your team. There are no second-class citizens with Remote. We treat your employees with the highest levels of care and respect, no matter where they live, because your people deserve the best.

Remote provides employees with a host of benefits, both statutory and supplemental, in addition to several important features and services.

White glove benefits management

When we enroll your employees in their benefits, we don’t pass the responsibility along to someone else. We continue to ensure they receive the full benefits they are entitled to, such as healthcare, insurance, retirement savings, paid leave, and more. We also take care of unemployment insurance, disability, and supplemental benefits you may want to offer.

Our dedicated team provides the highest class of service in every country where we operate. That means your employees receive a superior experience, both by the standards of their country and by your standards as a people-first organization.

Single point of contact

Remote does not outsource management of your employees for any reason, ever. Your employee’s dedicated HR specialist will continue to support them if they have any questions. Think of us as part of your own global HR department. Your employees can contact us any time, and we will help them with the same speed and care you would offer them yourself.

Streamlined employment platform

Our software is built to the highest standards of usability and accessibility. Just as we provide businesses with the best tools for global team management, we also provide employees with all the resources they need. On Remote’s platform, employees can view their payslips, upload and manage invoices, access documentation, and everything else they need, all in one place.

Strongest protections for data

We recognize the importance of keeping data secure, both for businesses and for the people who work for them. That’s why we guarantee the maximum levels of protection for employee data. Our robust global infrastructure and exceptional standards for internal security keep the data of your employees safe at every step.

Accessible documentation for payroll and taxes

Not everyone is an expert in global taxes. Fortunately, we are. That’s why we are able to provide your employees with accessible documentation on their payroll and taxes through Remote. We make it easy for employees to get the information they need without combing through piles of documents. And, if they ever need help, their dedicated HR specialist is only a moment away.

What is it like to work as an employee through Remote? It’s the same as working directly with your company, with the added benefit of the most dependable payroll provider, the best benefits management team, and the most knowledgeable HR experts on the planet on your side. We care about people at Remote, and we design every part of our platform and services to ensure your people receive the experience they deserve.

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