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What’s new with Remote Global HR?

Written by Rodney Rasmussen
Rodney Rasmussen


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Remote’s free-to-use HRIS is only getting better for employers to manage their entire global teams in one place. We updated our human resources information system so companies can eliminate unnecessary tools, costs, and overhead by using Remote’s Global HR Platform

Rodney Rasmussen, Senior product marketing manager, shares new features and even gives a sneak peek at exciting updates coming soon for Remote’s HRIS. Check out what Remote’s updated HRIS can do for you to manage your global team with ease.  

1. Keep your organization organized

It’s easier than ever to set up your teams, managers, and direct reports in Remote. This helps your organization stay organized and ensures requests like time off and expense reimbursements are going to the right people for approval.

With our updates in Remote HRIS, you can: 

  • Set up your company’s roles and permission settings to ensure only the right people have access to sensitive information and tasks.

  • Assign direct reports to managers with one click. You can even view a list of all their reports in one place. 

  • Approve expenses stress free. Our improved expense review flow makes it easier than ever for approvers — like managers or finance staff — to understand the details of expenses at a glance to make quick and informed decisions.   

Remote HRIS will soon generate an organization chart for your company. You’ll get a visual representation of your company’s structure and relationships to help you clarify roles and responsibilities, glean actionable insights, and scale sustainably. 

2. Bring the team together

Add and invite employees to join your company on Remote HRIS in a matter of minutes. When it is time to say goodbye to a team member, the offboarding process is just as smooth. 

With our updates in Remote HRIS, you can: 

  • Add personal information and contract details before you invite employees to onboard in the system. You don’t have to re-ask for information that you already have. 

  • Choose to delay sending emails inviting employees to onboard. You can ensure employee information is correctly in Remote HRIS before bringing your team members into the process.

  • Save time and upload information in bulk. We leveled up the information upload process by giving you more data options. Just click which employee profile fields you want to use. Remote HRIS will automatically create your custom CSV file.   

  • Offboard with ease. Use our new guided flow to record required offboarding details for a smooth employee transition. 

3. Make better use of time 

Being on top of time and attendance is crucial for compliance, payroll accuracy, and resource planning. Employees need to easily understand how much time off they have available, how to book it, and how to track their working hours. Employers and managers need visibility into the whereabouts of their team to ensure proper team coverage, collaboration, and employee well-being.

A new, visual time-off dashboard in Remote HRIS gives managers: 

  • A timeline view of when team members are taking time off, allowing for better resource planning

  • Information on employees that haven’t taken time off in awhile and may need a break

  • Dates of higher-than-usual employee absences

  • Any pending time off requests

  • Information on upcoming public holidays by country

Key updates in Remote HRIS - Time & Attendance 

Employers can now add an initial paid time off balance for employees. This is crucial if you’re moving to Remote from spreadsheets or another HR software and need to account for any earned but unused time off. Remote will use this number to adjust the employee’s available time off balance in the platform.

Employees can now set timesheets to automatically submit every week instead of having to remember to do it manually. They can also receive notifications before automatic submissions take place.

National public holidays are now automatically added to each employee’s time off calendar based on their location. No more need to manually request time off for public holidays! 

Coming soon in Time & Attendance 

Employees will soon be able to clock in and out and submit their timesheets from the Remote Employee Mobile App. This is a game-changer for your on-the-go workforce.

Remote is always updating our services for employers and employees around the world. We have even bigger plans for what’s next, so stay tuned!

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