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Hire employees

We handle local payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance so your employees feel as safe and secure as your business does - even in countries where you don't have a local entity.

Hire contractors

Use Remote to onboard, manage, and pay contractors around the world in one click. Completely free, with zero hidden fees.

Onboard your contractors

Invite individual contractors to Remote to complete onboarding.

Sign a contract

Use our localized, compliant contract agreements or bring your own.

Receive the invoice

Your independent contractor submits their invoice through Remote.

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Approve invoice and send payment

Remote creates one payment request for all your contractors.

Contractors get paid

Remote pays your international contractors in their local currency.

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Pay your team on time, every time

Run payroll, calculate salaries and tax deductions for your employees - no matter where they might be.

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Offer best-in-class local benefits for your remote team

67% of global workers expect benefits comparable to those of other professionals in their country or city, and 60% have chosen one job over another due to better benefits! With Remote, you'll never lose on great talent because of lackluster benefits.

Health Insurance

Offer local healthcare to your global team members without the hassle. Remote’s comprehensive and flexible plans will ensure your employees have the coverage they need while helping you attract the best talent — from enrollment to administration, we do it for you.  

Pension & 401(K) Plans

Almost two-thirds of global workers view retirement plans as an essential benefit. With Remote, you can offer competitive localized plans in many top markets.

PTO and Sick Leave

Easily manage PTO and sick leave for your global team in Remote. From local holidays to local laws, we have you covered.

One simple hub for your whole global team

User-friendly platform

Easily manage your employees and contractors, including paid leave requests, reimbursements, and payroll

Global expertise

When you hire and pay employees or contractors through Remote, we ensure compliance with local laws throughout the entire employment lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding, reducing your risk and saving you time and money.

Automate your entire HR tech stack

Connect Remote to industry-leading applicant tracking systems, HRIS, and other platforms to save time and reduce data entry.

Get started in minutes

Sign up to start adding your team in no time. Remote's rapid onboarding will have new starters onboarding in days, not months.

Peace of mind with data protection handled

Our dedicated security team closely monitors our applications and infrastructure to make sure your data remains protected at all times.

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Hire employees from around the world

Explore a world of talent

Engineer in Egypt? Designer in Denmark? Customer service manager in Colombia? Remote has you covered. See the Country Explorer to find everywhere we help you hire.

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Put the power of Remote into your own hands

Whether you’re looking to offer new solutions to your customers or building a more seamless process for your own team, our powerful API empowers you to easily consolidate and share global employee data across platforms.

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Expand your horizons with relocation assistance

Test new markets and support employees as they move internationally with relocation assistance, powered by Remote’s mobility experts.

  • Sponsorship in top expat locations

  • Immigration and tax guidance

  • Relocation and settling-in assistance

  • Insurance

  • Travel letter requests

Crash course on global HR

What makes global HR different? What are the unique challenges of international employment? Get a quick crash course in the key concepts of global HR.

Global HR refers to HR processes involved in hiring and managing workers globally, such as recruitment, onboarding, compensation and benefits, payroll, and compliance. Global HR brings unique challenges (and huge new opportunities) to HR teams who want to scale globally. 

Global HR requires People teams to manage and pay their employees while minimizing HR-related risks related to local labor laws and regulations. It’s critical to use the right platform to conquer these global HR challenges.

Companies can hire employees around the world using an employer of record (EOR) without opening a legal entity in the country of hiring. An employer of record takes on the legal responsibility of hiring and handles taxes, benefits, payroll, and compliance on behalf of the company. Companies can also use a global HR provider to hire contractors all over the world or for a one-off project — such as recruitment within a certain country or to process global payroll.

The best global HR platforms don’t just help you pay, and manage your international team. Remote’s Global Payroll allows you to pay your team in countries where you do own a local entity. That means you can pay and manage your entire workforce in one comprehensive HR hub, with clean visibility of employment data in one place.

There are several difficulties involved in managing HR globally, but with the right platform and support, you can overcome these challenges with confidence. Here are some of the main barriers that globally distributed teams need to address:

Regulatory compliance: Evolving labor and tax laws in each country make it challenging for companies to stay compliant with local legislation. A global HR platform like Remote takes this challenge off your hands, so your team can hire abroad with speed and assurance.

Developing localized offers: To find and retain top international talent, companies have to offer compensation and benefits packages that are competitive in the local market. This requires an understanding of salary benchmarks, local candidate expectations, and compliance with country-specific rules and regulations. Instead of spending time researching benefits requirements and vendors in every country, you can rely on Remote’s curated plans for every country you want to hire in.

Managing global payroll: Companies have to make accurate payroll calculations, work out tax and social security deductions, and handle tax reporting and compliance, which makes the payroll process a complicated affair. Remote Global Payroll is purpose-built to eliminate admin, handle the complexity of compliance, and reduce payroll errors. Remote takes the uncertainty out of the process, allowing you to generate, review, and approve payroll for all your legal entities in minutes each month.

Data protection and security: Global hiring also leaves companies vulnerable to threats to data protection and their intellectual property and invention rights. Remote’s global HR platform protects customer IP and employment data during every stage of the employment process. Remote IP Guard offers the strongest protections in the industry for your intellectual property and invention rights.

Global HRM involves managing a distributed workforce across countries and cultures. This goes beyond traditional HR and considers global variations when it comes to staffing, global training, compensation and benefits, performance management, legal considerations, and global HR policies and procedures.

Managing human resources globally is much more complex. This requires an in-depth understanding of local business practices, regulatory frameworks, and employment law. 

Remote’s global HR platform is the ideal HRM partner for managing globally distributed teams. You get one simple centralized hub to manage and pay your entire workforce. Remote’s purpose-built global HR platform gives you the guidance you need to manage compliance at every stage of the employment process.

Human resource management is so much more important for globally distributed teams. Companies hiring internationally face an entirely different set of challenges to manage compliance, minimize risk, and provide all team members with an equitable experience regardless of their home address.

  • Save costs by streamlining HR processes

  • Comply with local employment regulations

  • Recruit and retain global talent 

  • Attract a diverse and inclusive team

  • Manage worker performance across borders

Setting up your own local legal entity to hire, pay, and manage workers in a new country places a significant burden on your team’s time and resources. Remote’s global HR service gives you personalized guidance from our expert team of HR and legal specialists throughout your hiring journey.

Some key functions of global HRM include:

  • Hiring, onboarding, and managing an international workforce

  • Figuring out a competitive and compliant compensation and benefits packages

  • Handling tax deductions and payroll processes

  • Ensuring compliance with local regulations

Each country’s laws present its own unique challenges related to benefits, taxes, payroll, and compliance. A trusted HR partner like Remote can make global HR easy by helping you hire global workers with speed, compliance, and security.

A global HR manager oversees and coordinates all functions related to global HR on a global scale, including recruitment, onboarding, compensation and benefits, performance management, payroll, and compliance.

They work closely with local teams in different countries to develop HR policies and procedures that are in line with local rules and regulations. Some specific tasks of a global HR manager include:

  • Talent acquisition and management: A global HR manager needs to implement recruitment processes to attract the best talent across the world. This includes developing efficient onboarding processes and continued strategies to promote effective employee communication and engagement. 

  • Benefits and compensation: Offering a robust and localized benefits package is essential to building a world-class team. To find and retain top candidates, a global HR manager has to develop an attractive and competitive compensation and benefits package which is compliant with local labor requirements. 

  • Compliance with global HR policies and labor laws: Each country has its own policies and procedures related to employment, taxes, benefits, payroll, and cultural practices to consider. While hiring and paying workers globally, a global HR manager must keep in mind local regulations and global employment standards and ensure compliance to minimize HR-related risks. Ensuring protections for data privacy and security are also critical to safeguard the business from legal and financial risks.

A purpose-built global HR platform like Remote can give HR managers the full stack of tools and support needed to hire, onboard, pay, and manage a global team quickly, safely, and compliantly. From talent acquisition and worker management to compensation, benefits, and compliance, — Remote can support your team in every step of your global expansion journey.

Remote can help you employ globally in dozens of countries around the world. View our Country Explorer for guidance on how to hire in a country of your choice.