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Remote Global Payroll enables businesses to consolidate payroll with speed and confidence

October 10, 2023


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Remote, the leader in building, managing, and supporting globally distributed workforces, today announced the expansion of Remote Global Payroll to support compliant payroll processing in top countries across the world. Remote offers 100% in-house payroll operations powered by its vast global infrastructure and expertise in local jurisdictions. By managing payroll operations in-house, customers gain higher accuracy, speed, compliance, and a great employee experience. Remote Global Payroll offers a simple way for companies to run multi-country payroll in minutes, with confidence. They can streamline paying their entire team right from Remote’s Global HR Platform, while leveraging the benefits of having all their employee data securely in one place.

As teams increasingly become remote and distributed, the process to pay their wages has not kept up. Running payroll across multiple states and countries requires compliance with diverse regulatory frameworks, tax codes, reporting requirements, statutory requirements and benefits, and complex other variables. This means that companies with distributed teams often use a patchwork of local payroll partners, or expensive multi-country payroll providers that don't offer a comprehensive, integrated Global HR solution.

Remote Global Payroll is now available in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, India, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, with other top countries for talent on the way – enabling customers with teams in those countries to use Remote to pay both their domestic and international employees. This complements Remote’s Employer of Record, Contractor Management, and free HRIS products enabling companies to hire and pay international teams in 180+ countries.

Customers can find Global Payroll in the Remote platform integrated with Remote’s additional capabilities for hiring, managing, and paying a global workforce. These include talent management, time and attendance tracking, expense management, incentive payments, global equity incentives, contractor management and payments, and more.

All of Remote’s products are built and fully operated in-house on a foundation of vertically integrated global infrastructure of entities and payment networks and distributed in-house experts. This enables a simple and localized user experience, and compliance with local laws, tax systems, and norms to be embedded in the platform.

“Remote is working to improve access to employment opportunities in the global economy, and improving global payroll is a core element of that. In developing our payroll product, we quickly realized that the only way we could achieve the level of accuracy, speed, and innovation we want for our customers was to build everything ourselves,” said Job van der Voort, CEO and co-founder of Remote. “This means that today, we can offer an easy way to process payroll with unmatched speed and compliance at a global scale, all through a modern platform experience. And it means that we are also laying the foundation for a future where instant, scalable, and accurate payroll, accessible through an API call, becomes a reality worldwide.”

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