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The best remote companies to work for

Written by Masha Karachun
May 30, 2024
Masha Karachun


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If you’re interested in working remotely, you’ll want to work for a company that has nailed the remote-first work model. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best remote companies to work for. These organizations have a great work culture and know how to keep their remote workforce engaged.

Let’s dive in.

What sets the top remote-friendly companies apart? 

What makes a company a top remote-friendly business?

Their organizational culture. Top remote companies stand out because remote work is a part of their ethos.

Look for a remote company whose values align with yours. They should take their work — and your role within it — seriously. They should also understand the importance of work-life balance and foster that balance for their staff.

Top remote companies are likely to offer:

The best remote companies to work for 

The following companies are remote-first employers. They’re known for their culture, commitment to flexibility, and success in managing remote teams.


At Remote, our mission is to help people hire and work from anywhere. Remote offers competitive compensation and benefits, and leads remote work culture through asynchronous work.

Remote offers comprehensive benefits including: 

  • Health benefits and insurances 

  • Company stock options

  • Mental health support

  • Learning budget

Check out open positions at Remote to truly work from anywhere with a remote-first company.


Alma connects therapists with people in search of mental health care. Alma supports remote work and helps their employees grow through custom development paths. 


Known for its collaboration tools, like Jira and Trello, Atlassian has a “Team Anywhere” policy. The company welcomes distributed teams and supports employees to work on a flexible schedule.


Automattic is the company behind WordPress and other popular platforms. It has a remote-first culture and prioritizes asynchronous work to collaborate effectively across time zones. The company offers several work benefits like sabbaticals, life insurance, and professional development programs.


Buffer is a fully remote company that helps clients build their brand on social media. The company is committed to work-life balance and offers unlimited time off and a four-day workweeks.


Specializing in customer relationship management for sales teams, Close is a 100% remote global company. Close offers a four-day workweek and hosts annual retreats and virtual summits. The company also values diversity in the workplace and supports employee-led culture committees.


CrowdStrike aims to stop breaches in cybersecurity. It is a remote-first company that offers health benefits, professional development, and a competitive employee stock purchase plan.


GitHub, a major developer platform, is a big supporter of global teamwork. They commit to asynchronous work so that global teams can collaborate effectively. GitHub employees can expect unlimited PTO, wellness allowances, and professional development funds.


GitLab helps people co-create powerful software. The company is fully remote with team members in more than 60 countries. GitLab takes diversity in the workplace seriously and offers relocation assistance.


Gladly is a fully remote company that focuses on customer service innovation. The company offers a competitive benefits package, parental leave, and home office stipends. It also values creating community and hosts company-wide volunteer days.


Superside connects clients with top creative talent from around the world to get quality graphic design done at scale. It is a fully remote company with global team members working across timezones.


Shopify helps clients start and run a business with their all-in-one commerce platform. It is a digital-first company that hires remote employees around the world. Team members also meet offline to connect personally and professionally. The company offers its employees flexible work, autonomy, and mental health support.


Twilio is a global, remote-first software company that helps businesses engage customers with data-driven tactics. The company offers their employees comprehensive healthcare, company breaks, and competitive compensation.

Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric is a remote-first company that specializes in digital customer experience analytics. The company offers unlimited PTOs, flexible work, and monthly stipends to cover internet fees to work from home.

Remote employee supported by organization

Remote Excellence Awards

The Remote Excellence Awards recognize companies that have demonstrated exceptional commitment to remote work. Check out the winners to find your best remote company to work for.

How do you thrive in a remote work environment?

Thriving in a remote work environment requires a blend of discipline and flexibility. 

A structured routine and dedicated workspace are important, as they boost productivity and help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Set clear boundaries around your work hours to avoid burnout. Don't forget to schedule regular breaks and commit yourself to activities that promote wellness and personal enjoyment. 

Lastly, human connection is important. Talk regularly with your manager and fellow team members to stay visible and aligned toward your goals.

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The best remote companies are the ones that care for their people and offer them what they deserve.

At Remote, we're looking for innovative thinkers who thrive in a flexible, autonomous environment. Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere and make a big impact in a company that’s leading the way in remote employment.

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