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Launching Employ by Remote

February 7, 2020
Job van der Voort


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Today we’re launching Employ, our global employment, payroll, benefit, compliance and everything-you-need to employ people across the world - product. We have been working on this for almost a year, and are finally able to offer our service in the first two countries (The Netherlands and United Kingdom). With many more following shortly. You can find the full list of countries here.

Our job board is still available (and will continue to expand) at

What and why

If you want to hire someone in a different country, and you intend to treat them as any other full-time employee, you need to comply with local laws and taxes. In most countries, this means you need to establish an entity there, set up payroll, learn about local labor laws and implement them. Now that you have entities in different countries, you’ll need to think about transfer pricing, currency fluctuations and (believe us…) a lot of other complex things. This all just to hire someone in another country.

Remote solves this with Employ. Rather than going through the above, you can employ someone in another country through Remote. You sign up with us, invite your new employee, and we’ll take care of the rest. We employ them locally with a contract that is exclusive to you. From that moment forward, we invoice you monthly and we take care of payroll, taxes, benefits, and anything that comes with employing someone in that country.

Remote owns every entity, so you only deal with us directly. No third-parties. This makes us much more flexible, faster, and significantly more affordable than alternatives. On top of that, we have a very good looking app, that allows everyone to easily review, approve and edit payroll, payslips (if you’re the one getting that), and any personal information.

If you want to make use of Employ, you can now sign up here! Even if we don’t support the countries you’re interested in yet, signing up will allow us to reach out when we do (we’ll send you an email to ask which countries you’re interested in).

How it works

Remote owns entities around the world that act as employer for your employees. Upon signing up, you sign a contract with Remote that allows us to employ one or more employees for you. Employees that are employed through Remote will sign a normal employment contract with Remote that specifies their rights and duties. This is a local contract, and will give them their local rights. It also includes an intellectual property and invention agreement.


Remote charges a percentage over total cost of employment, every month. We vary this percentage by country, as some countries are much more expensive to operate in than others. We try to be as affordable as possible.

Every month you get a single invoice to pay all your employees. For each employee we charge our percentage (based on region).

There are no setup-costs, no hidden fees, no surprises. Take all the costs of employing someone, add the percentage for our costs: that’s what you pay.

Remote jobs

We believe that should be the home for anything related to remote work. Remote jobs, resources, companies, and tools. We’re dedicating more people to expanding and improving it. Over time, we hope that Remote can help any company with scaling up, becoming distributed and more efficient.

What matters to you?

To be able to build Remote, and Employ, we need feedback on what we can do better - or just different. Please let us know your thoughts and questions below, on Twitter or by emailing us directly. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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