Alan Pantling, VP of Cyber at Chaleit

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For Chaleit, 'Remote is a peer, not a vendor.'

Written by Hallie Wiseman
Hallie Wiseman


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If your organization works in the digital space or has remote workers, there’s a cybersecurity company you’re going to hear about if you haven’t already: Chaleit.

Since 2021, Chaleit has made waves in the tech industry, but not just because of its strategic cyber advising or top-tier penetration testing. Chaleit goes the extra mile to form partnerships and deep relationships with their clients, which lives up to their motto of “Making it Personal; Making it Count.” On almost only word of mouth, they grew exponentially — and needed to add talented international team members to handle the growth.

Chaleit needed an expansion partner that had country-specific benefits expertise, a stratospheric level of scrutiny when making decisions, and a customer service experience as personal as their own. Keep reading to see why Remote became the perfect match to help Chaleit with global expansion.

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Chaleit at a glance

  • Headquarters: UK

  • Founded: 2021

  • Company size: 20-30 employees

  • Industry: IT services and cybersecurity

When you speak to Alan Pantling, VP Cyber (EMEA) at Chaleit, you get the feeling that he’s well-versed in remote work. And you’d be right. He has many years of experience in remote tech settings, like most of the team at Chaleit.

“This is normal for us. This is not a new world for us. We've been doing this for a long time, and it's almost like the world's actually finally caught up with us.”

With this combined experience, Alan and his colleagues knew the benefits of working remotely, as well as the pitfalls. That knowledge gave them the wisdom to start things right from the beginning. To offer the type and quality of cybersecurity they wanted, the people behind Chaleit would need the best talent they could find.

“When the company was initially set up, we were focused on two things: one is to have a good foundation, and then we started from the top down, so we actually employed the best people, regardless of location.”

This need to hire incredible people irrespective of their address only accelerated as clients experienced Chaleit’s expert cyber assessments and security combined with its unique culture of transparency. The race was on to find a partner who shared Chaleit’s values and could help with its global expansion.

The best due diligence and benefits, no exceptions

Chaleit needed an EOR with an eye for partnership and decision scrutiny, as well as knowledge about benefits packages that could empower Chaleit to compete with the best Silicon Valley had to offer. Alan and his team locked onto Remote after speaking with peers in the space.

“Remote’s level of scrutiny is to a standard that we have. We are very unusual in our level of scrutiny and detail. It is rare to find service providers that become partners, true partners who listen to you and vary their strategy according to what you require and provide that precise level of detail.”

By owning its own entities in every country and not relying on third parties, Remote could eliminate compliance and legal risks, offering the same peace of mind Chaleit provided for its own clients.

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Chaleit was pleased to discover that Remote’s country-specific expertise extended to compensation and benefits as well. Instead of spending countless hours and resources researching competitive packages for prospective candidates (critical in the cybersecurity recruiting process), Chaleit let Remote handle it.

“We're competing with Silicon Valley tech giants here in our space and it puts us on a comparable playing field with them. And really fast, no delay, 14 days, we're done. Seamless integration.”

  • Remote calculates competitive compensation and benefits packages when hiring new employees.

  • Remote’s employment and compliance experts on the ground around the world give Chaleit the confidence to hire talent globally.

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Remote helps Chaleit build with purpose

Chaleit’s cybersecurity business model works exceptionally well already, and it’s all because the company is intentional with its services as well as its hiring.

“We're not going to bring people in just for the sake of bringing them in…It's important to get the right people to fit the culture.”

With Remote’s intuitive EOR platform and self-onboarding, Alan and his team don’t have to “settle” for a candidate. They can hire who they want, where they want, and then seamlessly bring them into the company. And even better? It’s all done transparently and compliantly — a must for a company with goals like Chaleit’s.

“It's our aspiration in the next few years to become a public company. We've already had an early look and the indications are such that we are already structured as a very mature company, and our levels of compliance internationally as one would expect, are already those expected from a public company.”

An EOR partner that’s actually a partner

Interacting with Remote has been a personalized experience for Chaleit, even when they were vetting other potential EOR companies and weren’t yet working together. According to Chaleit, other EORs just didn’t share its values.

“They engaged in a different way. They engaged in a selling capacity, rather than a ‘how can we do it together’ capacity.”

Another company sent decks and slides, which made it super complex and opaque. With Remote, the portal is its own use case, and therefore it's the opposite of opaque; it's transparent. For these reasons, we rejected a major market player and decided to go with Remote.

That “do it together” mentality and service continued into the partnership. Chaleit had a unique vision for its growth and employee management, and Remote wanted to make sure it got it right. Furthermore, Remote saw in Chaleit a partner that it could share beta programs with in order to perfect the services for others.

“I think our second or third call was with the CEO of Remote. That doesn't happen very often. But he could see, with all his experience, what we were trying to do. And therefore he has opened, with the rest of Remote, the doors for the beta program for global payroll management, and all these other privileges, because they see that there is a mutual win-win, and we're trying to do something that the whole world wants.”

According to Alan, Chaleit has exchanged “hundreds and hundreds” of emails with Remote in order to get payroll of record working perfectly, which gives his company significant confidence for the future.

“Chaleit is Remote’s very first global client to work on pioneering the payroll of record service (global payroll). The process was incredibly smooth, and the working together, because it was great communication on both sides, and it's just a brilliant piece of software. It's a brilliant platform.”

Securing the future of Chaleit’s international hiring

Chaleit has aggressive hiring plans as it expands its cybersecurity services and spreads its name in the industry. But according to Alan, that hiring will not come at the expense of its incredible company culture or vision.

“We’re not going to be stretching, because the setup is that we’re doing well, and we're even willing to turn work away if we have to…the future is really about growing organically on top of what we have now.”

Chaleit currently has global job openings for candidates in a variety of cybersecurity positions who are ready to work with a company that makes it personal — and makes it count.

And Remote will be there to empower that attention to personal service, with employer of record services that help Chaleit manage and find incredible global team members.

Do you want to enjoy stress-free international hiring like Chaleit? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of Remote’s global hiring experts. If you’re ready to get started, you can set up your profile now and begin onboarding employees and contractors around the world in minutes.

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