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Remote and Mosey partner on US compliance

Mar 7, 2024
Iarla O’Carroll


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Regardless of where a company is based, navigating the complexities of US state law, from variations in local business taxes to evolving legal requirements, poses daunting hurdles. One of the most difficult aspects of hiring talent across multiple states in the US is complying with laws and mandates at the state level, all the way down to individual counties and cities. 

Enter Remote, the global hiring expert trusted by thousands of companies worldwide to solve this very challenge. With a track record of excellence in international payroll and employer of record services, Remote offers companies everything they need to hire, pay, and manage employees, quickly and compliantly.  

Compliance is the cornerstone of our business here at Remote, and we know exactly how challenging it can be. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Remote has partnered with Mosey, the best-in-class solution for US state and local compliance across tax, registration, and more. 

This collaboration promises businesses a comprehensive, headache-free approach to cross-state hiring, ensuring expansion into new locations while avoiding costly fines for compliance violations. Through this partnership, Remote’s customers can access a suite of resources that simplify US expansion and compliance. 

For Remote customers, a premium service and first-of-its-kind partnership 

Now, US expansion and compliance are even simpler for businesses that use Remote's Global Payroll for their US employees. 

Remote’s all-in-one global HR platform takes away the hassle of running complex multi-state US payroll by helping you manage and pay employees, while Mosey’s platform guides you through each area of state compliance, helping identify any gaps and addressing them.

Businesses must follow different rules based on local legislation while operating across US states and cities. Each state and city can have its own set of employment laws and tax regulations, turning what should be a straightforward process into a daunting challenge. Noncompliance can have severe repercussions, including hefty fines, legal disputes, and even mandated shutdowns. 

But the people responsible for compliance typically lack the resources or expertise to do it effectively, often turning to multiple providers for help. This makes it complicated, expensive, and time-consuming for every company, whether you’re already familiar with the US system or setting up shop from scratch.

With the Remote-Mosey partnership, you can manage payroll complexities and ensure you adhere to state-specific legislation, with the benefits of working with experts who are focused on minimizing risks and promoting compliance. Plus, customers can access exclusive discounts, providing industry-leading peace of mind at an unbeatable price.

Looking ahead: Mosey embedded in Remote in 2024

Building upon this exciting partnership, Remote is working to embed Mosey directly into its global HR platform. This integration will consolidate the process for Remote customers, allowing them to manage their required state compliance tasks, employee and contractor onboarding, and payments directly within Remote. 

Why Mosey?

Mosey was built with a vision to help busy founders, accounting controllers, and HR managers stay on top of compliance in all fifty states, hundreds of cities, and thousands of requirements in a fraction of the time and budget. By partnering with Mosey, Remote continues its commitment to providing unparalleled support for businesses venturing into new territories.

Expand with ease and remove the complexity of compliance 

Whether you're a startup looking to establish a presence in the US or an established enterprise seeking to scale your operations, Remote and Mosey are here to support you every step of the way. With this partnership, businesses can rest assured that their US expansion plans are backed by industry-leading expertise and an integrated platform that scales with your business.

What’s next for Remote and Mosey? 

Exciting times lie ahead as Remote and Mosey pave the way for effortless US expansion and compliance. Keep an eye out for further updates as we embed Mosey directly into the Remote platform in 2024 to provide a superior experience for hassle-free, global business operations.

For more information on Remote and Mosey's partnership or to access a special discount, visit our marketplace or reach out to our dedicated customer support team.

Here's to the future of global business, made easier with Remote and Mosey!

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