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HRIS for global teams: 6 key benefits

Written by Barbara Matthews
September 27, 2023
Barbara Matthews


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Remote HRIS is here. This means you can finally consolidate your entire global workforce, HR data, and processes into one unified platform.

The new (and free!) product is a major part of Remote’s evolution to Global HR Platform – and a long-overdue innovation for companies that want to hire, manage, and pay anyone, anywhere under a single login.

On average, companies require a staggering 16 HR systems to manage their employment lifecycle. That’s not even taking into account what’s needed to grow an international team.

Setting up and maintaining this swarm of HR tools is a clumsy and expensive endeavor, making it difficult to remain agile and budget-conscious. Siloed data also makes it tough (if not impossible) to glean actionable insights to make better HR decisions.

The fundamentals of the way we work have changed dramatically over the past four years since we founded Remote. The pandemic, a shift to remote work, and economic instability mean every company must adapt to thrive in this new world.

More organizations are embracing cross-border growth. But far too many are still using local tools to solve global challenges. We knew there had to be a better way for modern, distributed organizations to handle all things HR. So, we built it.

6 ways every global team can benefit from Remote HRIS

1. Consolidate to innovate

We believe managing a global team should be as easy as managing a local one. But if your data and processes live here, there, and everywhere, you’re not getting the most from them.

Let Remote harmonize your HR and become the single source of truth. We’ll even bring your most important insights and to-dos to you in the employer dashboard.

Whether your next hire is an employee or contractor, local or international, part-time or full-time, salary or hourly, you can add and manage all of them here.

Imagine the freedom of trading 16 disparate systems for one purpose-built platform. While you’re at it, we recommend ditching the emails, spreadsheets, and other manual processes that have plagued your team for far too long.

With the time and money saved, you can focus on business strategy and growth.

2. “Free” yourself 

Remote HRIS is free to use. You can create an account in minutes — no credit card required — and get instant access to the features needed to manage your team: 

  • Onboarding and offboarding

  • Time and attendance

  • Expense management 

  • Employee profiles 

  • Employee self-serve 

  • Employee mobile app 

  • Document management 

We’re working on supporting employers with new features like performance reviews and org charts, to manage even more of the employment lifecycle in one place. 

And because no two businesses are on the same path, it’s easy to start hiring, managing, and paying employees with our range of optional pay-as-you-go products:

  • Use Employer of Record to compliantly hire and pay an employee in a country where you don’t have your own entity, all for one low, monthly fee. 

  • Use Contractor Management to onboard and pay a local or international contractor for just $29 per month. 

  • Use Global Payroll to consolidate your multi-country payroll processes for just just $50 per employee per month; we’ll handle taxes, deductions, and compliance for you

3. Go from “I’m ready to hire” to “Welcome aboard!” in minutes 

When you’re ready to add a new team member, the last thing you need is a bottleneck slowing you down. Whether you’re adding workers one at a time or in bulk, Remote’s onboarding flows are lightning-fast.

Each hire is cared for with an automatic invite to join your team on Remote and a custom onboarding checklist. You get full visibility to track their progress and can even nudge them if they’re not progressing.

Expect the same delightful, streamlined experience for offboarding when it comes time to say goodbye, adios, ciao, or ลาก่อน.

4. Intelligent employee profiles

As your team grows, the ability to store, access, and update workers’ information is key.

With Remote, profiles become the single source of employee truth, combining contract details you decide with personal information they provide.

Update Alisa the Accountant’s salary, Marcelo the Marketer’s job title, or Fumiko the Financial Analyst’s contract agreement instantly with the click of a button. You can even add custom fields like t-shirt size, food allergies, or special occasions to build closer employee relationships.

Every update is tracked, so you can look back and see who, what, when, and why changes to contract details were made. And our robust roles and permissions engine ensures only the right people can view or update contract details or sensitive data.

5. Employee self-service

We built HRIS with both employers and employees in mind. From the moment a team member is invited to onboard, they’ll be guided every step of the way.

Your team is empowered to self-serve their needs, reducing HR support tickets for your busy team. Each employee gets access to Remote on the web and the Remote mobile app where they can update personal details, add or generate documents, track their hours, request time off, and submit expenses for reimbursement.

6. Go with the (approval) flow

Approve a timesheet in Tonga, vacation request in Vietnam, or expense in Estonia in a single click.

You can configure roles and permissions to meet your organization's unique needs. Then assign roles like manager or finance admin so the right people are reviewing the right requests for every employee.

Approvers get friendly notifications, and workers stay updated on the status of their submissions.

The HRIS global teams want to use

We asked one of our beta customers, Bas Moeyaert, Manager of People and Culture at Loop Earplugs, to share his thoughts on Remote HRIS.

“The HRIS platform is easy to use and everything is there right in front of us . . . because everything comes together and we’re not having to update different sources. That helps us be more efficient, which is so important in a scale-up.”

We are thrilled to finally be able to share Remote HRIS with the world. We’ll look forward to welcoming more global organizations to Remote and continuing to build the best-in-class HRIS.

Ready to get started?

Remember that Remote HRIS is free to use. You can get started right away.

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