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Join Talent does things differently with Remote

Written by Hallie Wiseman
March 29, 2023
Hallie Wiseman


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If you want insight into the mission of Join Talent, look no further than an infamous quote about HR recruitment: “people aren’t your most important asset — the right people are.” Many companies stress the importance of finding quality candidates, but Join Talent provides an invaluable element of personalization that separates them from the rest.

Join Talent is the go-to HR consulting company for organizations looking to transform their recruitment strategy. The company’s plug and play solutions empower businesses of all sizes to find their perfect candidates, providing them with the recruiters and tools they need at a transparent, cost-effective price. Their innovative business model requires flexibility, and employees with country-specific HR expertise from around the globe. 

Which is why, when its previous employer of record (EOR) provider began to drop the ball, Join Talent needed a new solution quickly. To keep the “right people” — their most important assets — the company required a partner that enabled them to onboard new international hires fast, manage them effortlessly, and maintain communication through the entire employee lifecycle. Here’s why Join Talent chose Remote to support that mission.

Join Talent at a glance

  • Headquarters: Fully remote

  • Founded: Year: 2018

  • Company size: 213 employees

  • Industry: HR recruitment, IT consulting

Annie Leach joined Join Talent as chief people officer in 2022. When asked about her role, she says matter-of-factly: “my job is to make it the best place people have ever worked.”

As a growing company, Annie is able to shape the HR strategy from the ground up, much like Join Talent does with its clients. With a strong corporate HR background, she brings a deep understanding of the pain points of people operations. “We’re founder led,” says Annie. “We know what we’re talking about, and we’ve experienced everything our clients have experienced.”

This includes knowing what it’s like to operate as a remote-first company. Annie knows the pitfalls of thoughtless expansion in global teams and, for her, it’s critical to adjust the company’s HR strategy as it grows across multiple countries.

How do we ensure that, regardless of where you are in the world, you’re a part of Join Talent? That you feel that connection?

Annie and her people team implemented several strategies to help employees feel like they belonged to Join Talent. They held weekly regional “squad meetings,” fortnightly all-team meetings, and friendly team chats, and dispersed company-branded merchandise and swag. They were also conscious to relay a strong sense of trust across teams. “Everyone’s treated like a grown up. You own your own gig, as we say.”

However, the people team’s thoughtful, inclusive approach to remote work had a broken link — their EOR provider.

Paying employees should be easy

Imagine finding the perfect candidate for a role at your company: you hire them, they perform their job flawlessly, and they’re a perfect cultural fit as well. But when it comes to payday, their payment is delayed. By a week. And it doesn’t just happen once — it happens every payday. This was the nightmare scenario Annie was frequently encountering with Join Talent’s previous EOR.

Our previous EOR had outsourced the payroll work in that country. It was the cheapest entity they could find, and that entity was rubbish.

Unsurprisingly, Annie set out to find a new EOR partner, firm in the belief that it should be easy to do business with people, easy to put them on the payroll, easy to pay them in their country, and easy for them to do their job. After some research, she discovered Remote. From testimonials and industry peers, she learned that Remote provided top-tier customer service, an intuitive platform, and had won multiple product awards. She decided to take the platform for a spin — and it was an instant hit.

“The communication was great from the start,” she says. “The fact that Remote wanted to do a presentation to answer questions and ensure that they’d be with us every step of the way was big.”

Crucially, Annie and her people team would no longer have to worry about late paychecks, because Remote doesn’t rely on third parties.

The fact that Remote has entities in each country means that you ARE a part of Remote. Not an unknown third party.

  • Remote owns its entities in every country and doesn’t rely on third parties to do business

  • Remote offers a flat pricing structure and no hidden fees when hiring new employees

  • Remote’s employment and compliance experts on the ground around the world give Join Talent the peace of mind to hire talent globally

A hassle-free employee handover

In Remote, Annie had found the right fit for Join Talent, but she was dreading the next step: migrating all of her employees from the previous EOR. Paperwork would have to be redone and refiled. Contracts would have to be paid off. And there would surely be errors as employees were moved from one system to the next.

To Annie’s amazement, none of these concerns materialized.

Moving people from the previous EOR to Remote was seamless. Sometimes with remote work, you don’t have that human element. Remote does.

Remote handled every step for Join Talent, and Remote’s account managers assisted Annie with employee transfers. When special circumstances arose — like an employee being in the middle of a probationary period — Remote swiftly made adjustments to avoid any errors. From the start of the partnership, Remote ensured there was constant communication.

Shared values produce superior results

Join Talent has used its partnership with Remote to give its employees private healthcare — something it didn’t have with its previous EOR. Today, Join Talent can manage every employee’s journey through Remote’s self-serve platform, and ask country-specific experts about hiring in new countries.

It’s easy to do business with Remote. The contracts are clear, and it’s easy to process things on the platform. It just works.

There’s another incalculable element that draws Join Talent to Remote: values. “We won’t work with people who don’t have the same values or ethics as we do,” says Annie. “Remote does.”

The future looks sunny for Annie, and for her goal of making Join Talent the best place its employees have ever worked. In the coming year, Annie and her people team have ambitious growth targets as they expand their international workforce. Join Talent’s hiring will be fluid, precise, and thoughtful, providing the kind of HR expertise to clients for which they’re known.

And, through its partnership with Remote, Annie and Join Talent will never have to worry about hiccups in their international HR management — no matter where it takes them.

Want to enjoy stress-free international hiring like Join Talent? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of Remote’s global hiring experts. If you’re ready to get started, you can set up your free profile now, and begin onboarding employees and contractors around the world in minutes.

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