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Remote helps Talon.One take care of employees so they can take care of customers

Written by Hallie Wiseman
October 31, 2022
Hallie Wiseman


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When Talon.One launched its targeted marketing API in 2015, marketing teams around the world suddenly found themselves sleeping a little easier at night. As disruptive marketers themselves, Talon.One knows the immense power of freeing up engineers to focus on product and marketers to focus on strategy.

In fact, this ethos of taking care of workers so they can better serve the business and customers runs deep in Talon.One’s own culture — which is why when Talon.One decided to double its headcount in a year, company leaders knew they had to do it not only compliantly, but holistically.

Country-specific benefits, compliance, and contracts were just the beginning. Talon.One needed a global expansion partner who could be a reliable consultant for every international hiring question. Keep reading to see why Talon.One entrusted Remote with the monumental task of building their team.

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Talon.One at a glance

  • Headquarters: Germany

  • Founded: 2015

  • Company size: 170+ employees

  • Industry: Software development

As head of people and culture at Talon.One, Tatiana Jimenez remembers when the department only had one person: herself. “I was working on administrative aspects, getting people on board…even some visas, some relocation topics, and I was also doing recruiting.”

It was a daunting workload, but she and the founders knew early on that they needed to immediately develop the foundation for a healthy company culture. They believed in the age-old mantra of, “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.”

From the start, Tatiana and her growing people and culture department put methods in place to ensure not only that their employees were heard, but also felt like they belonged and had the freedom to work in the manner that was best for them.

“I would say, we really empower people to unfold their potential. I think this is the reason why people decide to stay with us and why we have such a great culture.”

A quick look at Talon.One’s Glassdoor reviews and a chat with their employees confirms that their process was a runaway success. But this success in growing their company culture and client base eventually meant that an increase in headcount was sorely needed. Such fast growth, if executed haphazardly, could easily undo all of their hard work. That’s when the search began for a global expansion partner that could preserve Talon.One’s culture while keeping the company compliant in multiple countries.

Maintaining compliance, eliminating risk

When looking for an employer of record to source and hire talent internationally, Tatiana and the People team at Talon.One knew that there were fundamental employment basics they had to get right based on their past experiences.

It was important to have a partner that we could really rely on when it comes to compliance, benefits, contracts, amendments, and so on for the specific hiring locations.

After Tatiana’s team (now 11 people strong) did the research and compared EOR providers, they landed on Remote for a number of reasons. To start, Remote owned its entities in every country without relying on any third parties, which meant Remote was the only option that could ensure consistent compliance and legal support. And the employee contracts and benefits packages? Remote’s in-house experts and local partners would ensure that nothing was left to chance. New hires would receive the compensation and benefits required by their country.

“From the recruiting perspective, if you're limited to one specific country or city, then it's obviously very, very challenging finding great talent, but if we're looking globally, this opens a lot of doors. This means that we have a lot of talent that we can just hire, which is great.”

  • Remote calculates competitive compensation and benefits packages when hiring new employees.

  • Remote’s employment and compliance experts on the ground around the world give Talon.One the confidence to hire talent globally.

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What Remote and Talon.One have in common

Talon.One prides itself on having a fantastic UI and open communication with customers — two things the company wasn’t receiving with its previous EOR provider. When Tatiana and her team tried to manage team members with their EOR’s platform, they found it wasn’t very user-friendly. And there was no one to guide them when they ran into issues.

“If we needed support, it was very hard to get a hold of them, and that was a problem.”

Remote’s intuitive EOR platform was a hit from the start, allowing Tatiana and her team to onboard and manage hires effortlessly. With a few clicks, Talon.One could run payroll, handle benefits, generate contracts, and more. And when Talon.One’s team had a question, they could count on Remote to consult and guide them through it.

“Remote is supporting us with hiring global talent and doing it in a fast and uncomplicated way. They also work as consultants, because we have a lot of questions in regards to what benefits we should offer, what is statutory, what is nice to have, and so on. I believe that Remote has provided us with the information to make informed decisions and helped us get the talent that we need."

Remote shared Talon.One’s goals of having a top-tier UI and robust customer communication, but there was one more point they had in common: maximizing return on investment. Remote was more cost-effective than Talon.One’s previous EOR, which was a critical factor for an expanding startup. Remote’s Fair Price Guarantee with no hidden costs means Talon.One will never have surprise expenses when onboarding new team members.

Establishing a foundation for future growth

Since joining Talon.One, Tatiana has seen her people and culture team grow from two to 11 members, and the entire organization expand from 70 to over 170 employees. The Berlin-based company has team members in the USA, the UK, and across Singapore — and they’ll add more countries to that list soon. And though, as Tatiana puts it, “It’s hard to move from a one-person-show to different departments and cross-functional work,” Talon.One has navigated the tough transition well, hiring top-tier talent globally with the help of Remote.

The employees that we’ve hired through Remote are happy. They’re happy with the tool, and also with the support that they are receiving whenever they have questions. It’s a good experience.

Talon.One will continue to hire for the rest of this and the upcoming year, searching globally for sales, customer success, product, and tech gurus who will fit in with their culture of autonomy and open communication. Remote has an up-to-date Where to Hire Report that can assist Talon.One with finding the right country for their specific positions. And, if Tatiana and her team ever need personalized consulting about hiring internationally, they know the experts at Remote will be there to assist them every step of the way.

Do you want to enjoy stress-free international hiring like Talon.One? Contact Remote today to schedule a consultation with one of Remote’s global hiring experts. If you’re ready to get started, you can set up your profile now and begin onboarding employees and contractors around the world in minutes.

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