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Employer benefits hub, 1099 form creation and more: October 2023 product release notes

October 30, 2023
Job van der Voort


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We’re back with another host of updates to Remote - and there’s no slowing down! 

We've been busy leveling up Remote to make it easier for you to hire, manage, and pay your global team. 

First up, we’ve released a new Benefits Hub that takes the guesswork out of offering perks like health and dental coverage. The hub shows you what each employee gets in their benefits plan. You even get a simple breakdown of costs, so you can budget like a pro.

Got U.S. contractors? We've made tax forms a no-brainer. Now you can easily create 1099-NEC forms and send them out to eligible contractors in seconds.

As we continue to build the global HR platform you deserve, we want to help you make smarter decisions about where you hire. Now you will see helpful tips throughout the onboarding experience to keep you compliant. This guidance helps you understand the opportunities or potential liabilities that apply when hiring new teammates around the world so your team doesn’t have to stress about country-specific details. 

Keep reading for more specifics. As always, we'd love to hear from you, so feel free to share your thoughts with us on social media, reach out to your Remote rep, or get in touch with the team.

P.S. In case you missed it, we recently expanded support for Global Payroll to a wide collection of the top countries for tech talent across the globe. Our expert in-house payroll team is constantly building on our compliant-first approach to support your global payroll needs.

Benefits Hub overview for employers

Benefits make up a huge part of an employee’s job consideration and contribute to their ongoing satisfaction. 

When you hire employees via Remote EOR, you’ll now:

  • Quickly see all the benefits for each employee

  • Find easy access to country benefit guides, with an overview of all specific plans and coverage levels available 

  • Get a simple view of the estimated costs per employee, to help understand your total compensation costs

In the future, we will be able to show you even more information including actual costs and employee enrollment status to give you the full picture of how benefits are being used by your team.

Create and distribute 1099-NEC forms to contractors

Image of the Remote Contractor Management dashboard with pre-filled 1099-NEC forms for a user with contractors on the platform

1099-NEC forms are an essential part of managing contractor payments and maintaining tax compliance for independent US-based contractors who work with US-based companies.

You can now generate these tax forms and distribute them to your contractors through Remote in just a few clicks. 

  1. Preview the form, calculated on the information in Remote 

  2. Edit total compensation if you made payments outside Remote in the last year 

  3. Send a finalized PDF to your contractors - one-by-one, or in bulk

We’ll also keep you and your contractors informed with any required action items, like verifying tax details, to reviewing or receiving 1099-NEC forms when available. 

link to What is a 1099 form? A guide for companies with US contractors

What is a 1099 form? A guide for companies with US contractors

Are you making payments to contractors or freelancers? If so, learn more about Form 1099 to stay compliant and penalty-free.

See key employment considerations in the onboarding flow

Employing new team members is difficult enough without the added complexity of unfamiliar employment rules and regulations like termination processes, probation standards, and other unique country-specific obligations. 

Now, you’ll see helpful tips throughout the onboarding process for new employees hired via Remote EOR - and we’ll be adding more country-specific help in the coming months. This real-time country-specific employment advice will help you make the right decisions, minimize risk, and stay compliant.

Switch between multiple Remote profiles

There’s no need for workarounds any longer. You can invite and manage employees or contractors who are already registered with Remote. They can switch between profiles, whether that’s to submit final invoices or check their previous employer’s payslips – all while onboarding as your newest team member. 

Smoother invoice email comms

As more of our customers use Remote to manage their global team, we’re helping to streamline the invoicing process. 

We’ll now combine all invoices created into a single email notification, so you can more clearly understand what’s due and when. 

Automatically submit accurate timesheets

Your employees can now automatically submit timesheets every week, complete with their timezone and standard scheduled hours - and never click a single button to submit timesheets again. 

What’s coming next?

Enhanced offboarding for direct employees

Offboarding employees means you need to maintain compliance with local laws, run correct final payroll, and analyze offboarding trends. We’ll be rolling out improvements to the offboarding flow for direct employees managed via Remote HRIS - so you can track the full employment lifecycle, all in one place.

One last sneak peek into some new exciting products

We’re working hard on two new powerful products that are due to land very soon…

You can expect a new way to safeguard your business from misclassification scares, and a super simplified way for independent contractors to manage their business. Keep your eyes peeled for more info very soon.

Thanks for reading, and as always, please contact us with any questions.

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