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Welcoming Elixir creator José Valim as an advisor to Remote

Written by Marcelo Lebre
January 12, 2021
Marcelo Lebre


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At Remote, we constantly push ourselves to create the most secure, most flexible, and most dependable solutions for our customers. To accomplish this, we seek out the best tech talent in countries across the globe, no matter where that talent lives. We believe that only an international team can build the solutions the international market demands.

As part of our commitment to excellence in tech, we are delighted to announce that José Valim, the creator of the Elixir programming language and Chief Adoption Officer at Dashbit, is joining Remote as an advisor. José’s expertise and experience will be invaluable as we continue to build the top global employment solution on the planet.

Remote, José, and Elixir: the perfect combination

As Elixir’s creator, José is the ideal representative from the Elixir community to advise Remote on its use. We are excited to work together and tackle the challenges of global employment in the years to come.

“What attracted me to Remote is that they are tackling complex and exciting problems that are extremely relevant to today's world, and they are doing so in Elixir,” says José. “After talking to Marcelo (Remote's CTO), it is clear they are betting on the language in the long term, and I believe there are many opportunities for Remote and Elixir to grow together.”

Remote relies on Elixir to power our backend engineering. Over the last three years, Elixir has grown rapidly in both web and embedded markets to become one of the most respected and important new tools for developers around the world. We built Remote’s global employment solutions using Elixir to meet the highest standards of scalability, concurrency, and resiliency.

The Elixir community is a wonderful group of people from around the world who are dedicated, welcoming, and highly active in pursuit of our shared tech goals. The learning curve for Elixir is low, which allows us to onboard new engineers quickly and get them working on meaningful projects. By building with Elixir, Remote will continue to move quickly and scale confidently to meet the needs of its customers.

Who is José Valim?

From 2010 to 2014, José was a member of the Rails Core Team, where he received the Ruby Hero Award to recognize his critical work on open source projects. He created the Elixir programming language in 2011 and received the Erlang User of the Year award in 2015 for his contributions to the ecosystem. He has written three books on technical subjects and is a regular speaker at some of the world’s biggest technical conferences. He is an engineering graduate from Escola Politécnica de São Paulo in Brazil, and he earned his master’s in machine learning from Politecnico di Torino in Italy.

José also co-founded Plataformatec, a company acqui-hired by Nubank in 2020. He served as a technical advisor to Base, which was acquired by Zendesk in 2018. Today, he leads the Dashbit team in his role as CAO to help companies adopt and run Elixir throughout the world.

What this partnership means for Remote

We are incredibly grateful and proud to have José join Remote as an advisor. No one achieves excellence without standing on the shoulders of giants, and José stands tall.

At Remote, we are building the future of remote work to make it easier for companies to employ top talent all over the world. That’s a big task. Building a platform to power that vision means we have to use every tool at our disposal as effectively as possible. Working alongside José and the Elixir community connects us to a powerful group of minds who will help us as we redefine what it means to work from anywhere.

Those connections have already begun to augment our capabilities, but the more we connect with great minds in tech, the more we look to bolster our own team. We are scaling our engineering team quickly, and our standards continue to climb as we meet the best engineering talent from all over the world.

If you would like to join us in our pursuit to democratize access to global talent, visit our careers page to see available openings. You can also follow me on Twitter to hear more about Remote’s approach to building great products and our collaboration with the Elixir community (and a few of my best bad jokes).

As we begin the new year with a growing team and new partnerships, we are excited to share with you what comes next. Please join us in welcoming José Valim as our new connection to the Elixir community and our latest ally in our quest to reimagine the possibilities of global employment.

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