Introducing the Where to Hire Report

Remote has teamed up with Kamsa to create a powerful, live database of the best places to hire around the world based on cost, roles, talent availability, and much more.

Best places to hire

Tired of digging through the internet to find the best places to hire?

Put the hours-long searching and outdated statistics behind you. With the Where to Hire report, you get the latest aggregated data of the global tech market so you have a comprehensive overview when making hiring decisions. Compare the costs of hiring and finding talent across 16 different countries, and even sort by benefits requirements and timezones!

Hiring strategically is critical to keeping your company competitive in shifting economic winds and changes in the talent market. Remote and Kamsa give you the information you need to expertly navigate the murky waters of the global talent pool.

Go ahead and explore the report. The location of your next dream candidate is now just a few clicks away!

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