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Work permits and visas in Norway: an employer’s guide

Written by Sally Flaxman
Sally Flaxman


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Looking to hire an employee in Norway or relocate a team member to the country? 

To live and work in Norway, you’ll have to make sure the employee has the relevant work permit or visa under local immigration laws. This process can be complex and tricky to navigate. You’ll not only have to handle all the related paperwork but also have to make sure that you comply with Norwegian immigration laws and regulations. Otherwise, your company might have to face penalties or legal troubles.

There’s no need to stress, though. A global HR platform like Remote can support you through the process, whether you’re:

  • Hiring a non-citizen in Norway

  • Relocating an existing employer to Norway

  • Allowing a digital nomad employee to work in Norway.

Remote’s team of mobility specialists can help you make sure that team members hold all the right work permits and visas they need to perform their jobs legally in Norway.

In this article, we’re going to guide you through the process of obtaining work permits and visas in Norway. We’ll also explain how working with an employer of record can make it easier to employ global talent in Norway and beyond.

Why is immigration compliance important in Norway?

Norway’s stunning landscapes, majestic fjords, and ancient history make it a popular destination for people looking to spend time in the great outdoors while also being immersed in the local culture and lore.

Any non-EU citizen who visits Norway for leisure can do so with a simple tourist visa. Nonetheless, anyone found working in the country under this type of visa is liable to fines, penalties, and other forms of legal action.

To legally work in Norway, non-EU citizens must possess a valid work permit. While hiring an employee or relocating a team member to Norway, you have to ensure they have the right to do so legally. 

Who needs a work authorization check in Norway?

Individuals who are not citizens of Norway, as well as non-EU citizens, must possess a valid and up-to-date work visa if they intend to relocate to the country and perform any type of work there.

Before starting the process, however, you still need to perform a thorough work authorization check, to ensure that that specific employee does need this type of visa.

As a busy business owner, we understand that you already have a lot on your plate without adding the potentially complex and time-consuming process of conducting work authorization checks on team members.

This is why you should trust the Mobility team at Remote. We can handle the whole visa process for you, from work eligibility checks to collecting and filing documentation. Learn more about our relocation services and how we can make it simple and easy to hire or relocate an employee to Norway and beyond.

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What are the visa requirements for digital nomads in Norway?

If your relocating employee is a digital nomad who enjoys living and working in other countries, you’re in luck. Norway has a special work visa for digital nomads. 

Norway’s digital nomad visa allows independent contractors to live and work in Norway for up to two years. However, the contractor must have at least one Norwegian client to be issued this visa.

How to apply for a Norwegian digital nomad visa

Applications for the Norwegian digital nomad visa are easy and quick, and they are entirely done online. In the case of an applicant not being able to submit their application online, they can do so by arranging an appointment with their local Norwegian embassy or consulate. The latter might be expensive and time-consuming, as the embassy or consulate will need to send all the documentation via courier on behalf of the applicant.

When applying online, the candidate simply needs to complete the application form (in English or Norwegian), pay the specific application visa fee, and include the required documents. Documentation in a different language has to be translated by an officially recognized authority and approved by the Norwegian government.

To avoid delays, errors, frustration, or even more serious issues such as noncompliance and misclassification, it’s a good idea to team up with a global employment partner who knows the ins and outs of employment legislation in Norway.

If you choose to partner with Remote, you can expect to receive prompt, accurate, and comprehensive guidance and service that will help your employees with the relocation process quickly, safely, and successfully.

Why use an employer of record to hire in Norway?

Keep in mind that to hire employees in Norway or anywhere in the world, you’ll have to establish your own legal entity in the country to employ them compliantly. Alternatively, you could use an EOR service to legally hire employees in Norway on your behalf.

If you’re planning to grow your business in Norway or expand your team there, it might make sense for you to set up a legal entity in Norway. However, the process can take up time and resources and is not ideal if you eventually plan to expand to other countries. 

That’s why you should partner with a global employment partner like Remote to do the heavy lifting for you. Remote’s EOR services can help you hire, pay, and manage employees in Norway and globally, quickly and compliantly.

To learn more about what EORs are and when to use one, check out our in-depth guide bellow.

A person reaching for a binder of helpful information on a shelf

What is an EOR? Meaning, purpose, and benefits

Find out the meaning of an EOR and how you can partner with one for fast, reliable international business expansion.

As you can see, hiring a non-citizen in Norway or relocating an employee to the country is not simple. The process of collecting, reviewing, and submitting the relevant documents in compliance with Norwegian immigration laws can be a lot to handle.

Team up with a partner like Remote and avoid the legal risks and hassle of doing it all yourself. Remote can guide you on the latest laws around work permits, tax payments, salaries, and more, without the need for you to do any research on the matter. 

Remote’s Mobility specialists can help you with:

  • Expert advice on immigration laws and regulations

  • Handling right-to-work checks and eligibility requirements

  • Navigating paperwork, submitting relevant documents, and keeping you updated on the visa application process.

  • Processing timely renewals and extensions of work permits when required

  • Ensuring ongoing compliance and reducing legal risks by staying updated with the latest labor laws and regulations.

Download Remote’s Relocation Guide for more insights and tips into the process, that can prove invaluable in your employee relocation journey. Get in touch with our friendly team today to begin the relocation process and employ employees in Norway quickly, safely, and legally.

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