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With localized contracts, easy invoice management, and best-in-class compliance, you can grow your team in Mauritius with confidence. Currently, you can hire and manage contractors in Mauritius through Remote, but our EOR services are not yet live.

Services available in this country:
Contractor Management
  • Capital City

    Port Louis

  • Currency

    Mauritian rupee (¢, MUR)

  • Languages

    Mauritian Creole, French, and English

  • Population size


Services available in this country:
Contractor Management
An aerial view of the island of mauritius.

Taxes in Mauritius

Learn how employment taxes and statutory fees affect your payroll and your employees’ paychecks in Mauritius.

6%Pension fund (for all employees earning over MUR 50,000 per month)
2.5%National Savings Funds (charged on salaries paid to employees, up to a ceiling of MUR 19,900)
1%Supplementary National Savings Contribution (considered a levy, this is a flat rate calculated from the employee's basic salary, and paid by the employer only)