Offer stock options to your global team

Remote guides you through the process, from equity planning, tracking vesting periods, tax withholding, and reporting.

Make every team member an owner

Want to attract and retain top talent? Offer them equity in your company. With Remote, your international employees can be part of your equity plan too.

equity planning support

Grant equity everywhere you hire

Are you granting equity efficiently? Are all of your international team members eligible under your plan? We'll review your equity plan to help you get it right.

tax guidance

Understand taxable events in each country

Worried about tax treatment and withholding in different countries? Remote's equity experts can provide you with detailed, country-specific guidance.

local compliance

Withholding and reporting

When taxable events happen, we ensure compliant withholding and reporting for your international team members.

Planning your incentive strategy? Let us help.

Sign up for a 30-minute consultation to learn how to ready your equity incentive plan for a global workforce.

fair, equitable, inclusive

Remote can help you offer competitive and compliant equity plans

Offer equity-based compensation to your international team members with Remote

Review your global equity incentive plan and strategy

If you already have an equity incentive scheme, we can review it to ensure you can grant equity to people you're engaging through Remote. If you don't, we're happy to share best practices on schemes that work for your international workforce.

Understand each jurisdiction as you hire

Before you make an offer, we can explain the tax consequences of granting equity incentives to your team members in every country we support, so you and your team can avoid unintended consequences. You'll continue to administer your equity plan to team members as usual.

Take care of taxable events

When your international team members have taxable events related to their equity, such as exercising options, let us know and we'll take care of any local tax withholding. We'll provide guidance on what events are taxable in each jurisdiction.

Compliant and timely local reporting

Never worry about reporting and compliance again. We work with your team to ensure compliant reports are delivered to the relevant authorities on time, everywhere you offer equity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our clients are able to directly offer forms of equity compensation to employees that are employed through Remote's service. We can support a range of different types of stock options, from non-qualified stock options, to restrict stock units and more.

No. While Remote provides robust support for equity incentives, they cannot be directly offered by Remote.

Tax treatment differs significantly by country. We can help with the tax treatment in relevant jurisdictions and help ensure that all the correct procedures are in place when taxable events occur.

Both the country where the issuing company (client) is incorporated and the local rules where the team member is based govern how stock options are handled. You'll need to engage tax and legal experts to advise you on the rules that apply to the issuing company. We can help you understand local rules applying to team members, including detailed information on local tax and regulatory requirements.

Implementing a global equity plan raises multiple compliance questions, including taxation, withholding, reporting, and more. We highly recommend working with your tax advisors and lawyers to fully understand the compliance requirements. Remote can help you understand how things work in the countries where your prospective employees will be located.

Employee stock options are a type of equity granted by companies to their team. A stock option grant gives employees the right to purchase a specific number of shares in the company for a set price. Including stock options as part of your total compensation package is a great low-cost benefit that can help you attract and retain top talent, and foster a sense of belonging among your employees.