Onboard and pay contractors with ease

It's easy to onboard, manage and pay international contractors in more than 180+ countries with Remote. Just $29 per active contractor per month - with zero hidden fees.

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The benefits of working with contractors, without the headaches

Say goodbye to endless emails and spreadsheets, misplaced invoices, and concerns about local labor laws.

Manage your contractors, automate unnecessary admin, mitigate compliance risks and ensure swift payments — all within Remote. Sign up for the 30-day free trial to get started!

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Contractor management simplified with Remote

Faster, easier global payouts

Approve invoices and pay individual contractors in more than 180 countries. Easily manage invoices and payouts with a few clicks or schedule recurring invoices.

Contracts tailored to local laws

It's faster, easier, and more secure to hire independent contractors with Remote. Our localized contracts are vetted by legal experts and guaranteed to be fully compliant with local tax and employment laws.

One stop for all your contractor management needs

Remote has everything you need for effortless contractor management, from automated onboarding, one-click invoice approvals and payments, so you can focus on your business.

Manage international contractors easily


Onboard your contractors

Invite individual contractors to Remote to complete onboarding.


Sign a contract

Use our localized, compliant contracts or bring your own.


Receive invoices

Your contractor submits their invoice through Remote.


Approve and send payments

Remote creates one payment request for all your contractors.


Contractors get paid

Remote pays your international contractors in their local currency.

Why choose Remote for contractor management?

fair price guarantee
Only pay for active contractors

Other contractor management platforms charge you for each independent contractor you have on file. Remote doesn't. Our Fair Price guarantee ensures you only pay for active contractors on our platform each month, automatically saving you money.

localized contracts
Globally compliant contractor agreements

You don't need to know the ins and outs of international laws for paying and managing contractors — because you have a trusted partner in Remote. Our local teams of legal experts ensure your contractor agreements are compliant everywhere you hire.

one-click payments
Pay your people faster

No duplicate efforts or manual work here. Remote lets you pay everyone with the touch of a button. It's that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get started with Remote Contractor Management for free! Enjoy a 30-day trial to onboard and manage contractors without any charges.

After the trial, if your contractors engage in billable activities like invoicing, contract signing, or receiving payment for pending invoices, the cost is $29 per contractor per month. Credit card payments carry a 3% service fee, but rest assured, no hidden fees or surprises. Find out more about Remote Contractor Management and our Fair Price Guarantee on our blog.

Businesses can pay contractor invoices by wire transfer, ACH, SEPA, and credit or debit card. Contractors receive payments directly to their nominated bank accounts via Stripe Connect.

It does not cost contractors anything to receive payments with Remote. Companies are responsible for paying a flat-rate management fee for active contractors, plus a 3% service fee for credit card payments. The contractors always receive the full value of any payments made. In cases involving currency conversions — where the company makes the payment in one currency and the contractor receives the money in a different currency — payment amounts are subject to exchange rates. However, Remote does not charge any additional currency conversion fees.

Yes! No matter where your contractors may be or how many independent contractors you may have, you can manage and pay them through Remote — and you can get started in minutes. Simply sign up for free to use the Remote platform, then enter the information for your contractors to begin onboarding. You can even onboard multiple contractors at once through our easy-to-use contractor management tool, saving you time and ensuring your contractors receive a great experience throughout the transition.

Contractor compliance is a serious matter. Remote has expertise in employment laws and contractor classification laws all around the world, which allows us to provide the highest standard of service for your international contractor team. With Remote, you can use localized contracts to ensure your independent contractor agreements are in compliance with local laws. If you ever need to convert a contractor to an employee, Remote can help you do so effortlessly within our platform.

We're happy to have you! Whether you are an existing Remote customer or new to our platform, you can always onboard, offboard, and manage independent contractors around the world with ease. Remote makes it simple to pay your contractors in their preferred currencies; manage invoices; automate payments; and keep track of important documentation. You only pay for active contractors on Remote, so if you stop working with a specific contractor for a few months, you don't need to do anything to save money. Remote automatically detects whether your contractors are active and only charges you when you actually use our services. For more information, see the Remote Fair Price Guarantee.

Your free-trial is activated immediately after you invite a contractor.

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