Offer best-in-class global benefits

Make your benefits packages a talent magnet with Remote’s local plans. We offer benefits that are compliant, comprehensive, and flexible — all at competitive rates. Let us handle benefits management while you scale your team.

Attract global talent with the best local benefits

Struggling to appeal to global talent?

Here’s what you should know: 60% of global workers prioritize better benefits when choosing job opportunities. And a whopping 67% expect benefits that match professionals in their country or city.

If your benefits are holding you back from securing the best talent, Remote can help.

With our localized plans, you can expand your reach and appeal to top candidates, regardless of their location.

Unlock the power of benefits and turn them into your competitive advantage — all in just a few clicks.

Offer competitive local benefits to everyone, everywhere

Modern businesses rely on Remote for best-in-class employee benefits driven by local expertise. Our benefits packages will vary based on the country you’re hiring in. They typically include some of the following offerings:

Health Insurance

Offer local healthcare to your global team members without the hassle. Remote’s comprehensive and flexible plans will ensure your employees have the coverage they need while helping you attract the best talent — from enrollment to administration, we do it for you.  

Pension & 401(K) Plans

Almost two-thirds of global workers view retirement plans as an essential benefit. With Remote, you can offer competitive localized plans in many top markets.

Mental Health Support

Offer self-guided mental health content, 24/7 personalized support, and access to verified therapists and coaching. Support your team's mental health to enhance their wellbeing, reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity.

PTO and Sick Leave

Easily manage PTO and sick leave for your global team in Remote. From local holidays to local laws, we have you covered.

Life & Disability Insurance

Give your team members stability and peace of mind. Life and disability insurance protections are expected in many countries and Remote offers localized plans to meet the needs of your global team.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is seen as an essential benefit in top labor markets from the US to India, and most global workers would be more likely to join a company that offered it. Delight your team members with Remote’s comprehensive and affordable plans. 

Vision Insurance

Take care of your global team with vision insurance from top providers, all at competitive rates. Remote can help you offer this innovative perk in most markets we hire in.

Comprehensive Plans

Support employee well-being

Employee well-being is essential for boosting job satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

That’s why Remote offers comprehensive plans that provide your global team with access to the quality care and resources they need.

With our local plans and global coverage, it’s easy to ensure equitable benefits for everyone — helping you create a culture where every team member feels valued, no matter where they live.

Give your team the best so they can show up at their best.

No more complexity

Cross benefits management off your to-do list

From navigating local expectations to sourcing vendors and staying compliant, it can be a lot to handle. Not to mention the ongoing burden of benefits management.

At Remote, we're here to simplify your benefits journey. We take care of every aspect of benefits administration, from enrollment to off-boarding, all while providing continuous support to you and your employees.

Leave the operational tasks to us while you focus on scaling your team.

What they say

Grow your business beyond borders

  • “Remote builds loyalty within our employees for their career with us by providing world-class benefits and all the rights that come with being employed locally.”
  • “We wanted to quickly grow our Mexico presence without navigating the intricacies of incorporation, payroll, and benefits management ourselves. Remote allowed us to do exactly that.”
  • “Something I hadn't anticipated but really appreciated was Remote's benefits packages. This solved most of the problem of trying to work out what someone in California would expect normal benefits to be, and how much they would cost us as a business.”

Unlock cost savings with competitive rates

Maximize your people budget, and save on benefits

With our local expertise, strong vendor relationships, and significant headcount in each market, we offer competitive rates without compromising on quality.

In most markets we offer multiple tiers of benefits (such as standard and premium options) to meet the needs and budgets of our customers, and in many countries customers are not required to offer any Remote benefits if they do not wish to.

Plus, we don't charge a premium on our plans or add extra costs. You will receive the same great deals we get for our own employees, allowing you to reallocate resources to other areas that fuel your growth.

Good benefits are more important when money is tight

88% of employees say that when money is tight, having good benefits that cover fundamental health needs becomes even more important. Learn more by downloading our Global Benefits Report

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Remote's Guide to Global Benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions

Remote has a large team of global benefits and legal experts in regions all over the world. They bring a deep understanding of what benefits are competitive and compliant in every market, and are continuously updating our plans to meet market needs. We also work with best-in-class providers to administer benefits that match employee needs in every country.

Remote leverages our strong relationships with global providers combined with our large headcount to offer competitive large-group pricing to our customers. We also don't charge a premium on our benefits or add extra costs for benefits management. Our customers and their employees receive the same great deals we get for our own team members.

At Remote, we manage every part of the benefits administration process — from researching local norms and laws, establishing relationships with top vendors, negotiating deals, administering benefits, handling employee enrollment, offering continuous employee support, dealing with annual renewals, and much more — so you can give your team the best without the hassle.

At Remote, we’re leading the way in practicing fair equity, which means making sure our customers can offer the statutory and supplemental benefits that all their employees need to thrive — no matter where they live.

Yes, compliance is our top priority. Our team of legal and benefits experts work to ensure that our benefits plans are fully compliant in every country we hire in, even as laws change.

Yes. In most markets we are able to offer multiple options, like standard and premium packages for health plans. In some of our larger markets, like the US, Canada, UK, and others, we are able to offer an even greater number of plan types and flexibility. In many countries we are also able to offer the ability for customers to decide whether or not they wish to offer our benefits to their employees. We are also always improving and adding to our offerings to increase customer and employee flexibility while remaining fully compliant with local labor laws.

The short answer is — it depends. There are some countries where for legal and/or social reasons, we are required to offer basic benefits (such as healthcare) to all employees hired through Remote. In these cases, we offer low-cost options that will work for our customer’s budgets. In many other markets, we do not require customers to offer benefits outside of standard payroll deductions for statutory social programs. You will see the benefits options when onboarding your employee and can reach out to our team with any questions.

Yes. In most countries, employees can add their spouse and/or children to their health plan at a competitive rate. The employee will be responsible for covering dependent costs. If you would like to help offset the costs of family coverage, we can work with you to enact a compliant solution.

In our employee dashboard, employees will be able to click on the “benefits” tab to easily see what benefits are available to them, along with instructions on how to enroll, how to use their coverage, how to add dependents, and more. Our team of benefits specialists are also available to help with any questions or concerns they may have. Along with benefits management, we provide continuous support throughout their journey.

Yes, we can help your contractors (in most countries) access international health coverage at discounted rates, all while ensuring compliance with misclassification laws.

Still have more questions? Contact us today.