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Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to help you find the best places in the world to hire top talent. The Global Employment Country Selector generates matches based on your desired budget, the employment factors that are most important to you (if specified), and time zone proximity (if specified).

First our algorithm takes cost into consideration. We take the lowest number in the average salary range for the role type/country and add mandatory employment taxes to that amount to ensure it does not go over your stated budget.

Then we look at the employment factors that are most important to you (based on the options you have selected) and try to find the best matches among the countries that fit in your budget.

If you have specified a desired time zone, we will look for countries as close as possible to that time zone, within +/- 4 hours.

If you are not satisfied with your results, you can update your budget or other factors and run the calculator again.

If the Global Employment Country Selector is not offering any matches, it might be because of your budget or your desired time zone.

You can try updating one or both of these (or deselect desired time zone) and run the calculator again. If you are not happy with your matches, you can also try updating the employment factors that are most important to you and run the calculator again for new results. 

Ready to find out more about hiring in a specific country?

Remote has plentiful free resources to help you understand local hiring laws, cultural norms, and more. You can start by checking our Country Hiring Considerations page and searching for the countries you’re interested in – this guide offers all the high-level information that you should know before hiring someone in a given country.

For more details, you can also view our Country Explorer, which provides in-depth information for each country Remote hires in.

Currently, our Global Employment Country Selector pulls from a pool of 20+ top countries where Remote customers primarily hire from.

These include countries across North America, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC to provide truly global matches.

We will continue to add more countries as we expand on this tool. 

The average salary data in the Global Employment Country Selector comes from real data on the Remote platform, aggregated based on behaviour from our users.

If you are interested in browsing more global salary data, simply sign up to Remote and you can access our Compensation Explorer tool for free in your dashboard.

You can find data for a variety of role types, from administrative assistants to product managers, engineers, and more. You do not have to add an employee or contractor or provide payment information to access our suite of in-product tools and resources.        

Ready to hire your next employee but worried about running astray of local employment laws?

Remote enables businesses to hire global employees compliantly through our Remote Employer of Record.

With a team of legal and employment experts across the globe, you can rest easy knowing that everything from compliance, benefits, payroll, and more is handled by us.

You can also manage non-EOR employees with Remote for free with Remote HRIS, or hire and manage contractors for a low monthly cost with Remote Contractor Management

You can currently use our Global Employment Country Selector to find matches for software engineers, backend engineers, or account managers. We chose these three role types because they are the most popular among Remote customers. We will continue to expand on this tool and add more role types in future.