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Join Remote’s integration ecosystem where collaboration powers mutual success. Connect your platform to Remote to fill critical product requirements for your customers and grow your business.

Integrations empower mutual customers every day

Modern benefits

Remote's integrations have made our customers’ HR teams 47% more efficient, saving on average 10.4 hours of manual work, according to a recent customer survey.*

*From a Remote customer survey in March 2024. The statistics represent typical user experiences with Remote and are for informational purposes only. Actual results may vary.

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Why connect your platform to Remote?

Integrating with Remote not only makes your customers’ lives easier but it also opens up revenue-generating opportunities for your business.

  • Transform your platform’s value

    Employee data is HR’s superpower, so your customers must leverage it across all their business systems. Integrating with Remote gives your platform the functional edge you need to differentiate and expand your value for customers and prospects.

  • Improve customer retention

    Enrich your customer experience for better retention rates on your platform. Integrate with Remote to automate the workflows your customers use most often and save their teams time to maximize the value of your product.

  • Expand your global reach

    Tap into a new audience when you join our Integration Ecosystem. With thousands of global customers across all industries, we can enhance your visibility to grow your business faster.

  • Move quicker with turnkey implementation

    Faster integration delivery means faster everything. We remove all the traditional blockers to integration by providing accessible, intuitive API documentation, a safe sandbox environment, and additional options to connect through unified API platforms, so your team can launch an integration in days rather than months.

Join the best in the ecosystem

Reach out to us to share more about your business, your integration goals, and more.

Access our API documentation

Review our easy-to-navigate documentation with your product teams to understand what API endpoints are available and what workflows you can build.

Scope out your solution

Outline your integration use case based on your customers’ needs and endpoint availability.

Build your connection

Access our sandbox environment for testing, develop against Remote’s endpoints, and test with production credentials.

Develop support documentation

Create support documentation for the Remote Help Center to instruct customers on how to set up and use the integration confidently.

Launch your integration

Work with our team to build a right-sized marketing plan for the partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of the Remote API endpoints are free for our partners to leverage.

All of our Remote API endpoints for partners are self-serve. Our Remote API documentation has everything you need to understand use-cases and start building. To access the documentation, fill out . When in doubt, you can reach out to our team at anytime.

There is a sandbox environment available if you want to experiment with the API and validate results before making changes to your production account. to find out how your team can access the sandbox environment.

In order to launch and market the integration, we will require support documentation, company marketing materials, a demo video, and proof of successful beta with at least 2 customers.

All partners will receive promotion in-app and in our partner marketplace, as well in product release channels. Additional marketing activities are determined based on our joint partnership goals.