Grow bigger, faster, and stronger with Remote Embedded

Make your platform their only platform. With Remote Embedded, you can add the leading EOR and payroll solutions directly in your platform to future-proof your product strategy and drive new revenue.

Fuel your business growth

Embed our global hiring and payroll capabilities into your software and empower more customers to hire, pay, and manage their teams right from your platform.

  • Enable in-product access to a global talent pool for faster onboarding

  • Start selling in new categories in before your competitors do

  • Give customers a single, comprehensive view of their workforce in your platform

Fast-track your product roadmap

Don’t build it yourself – save on engineering costs and accelerate your speed to market with developer-ready API documentation and global HR capabilities fully supported by Remote experts.

  • Bridge the gap in your product suite without the lift of building the end-to-end infrastructure yourself

  • Make hiring and payroll easier and more efficient for your customers to stay one step ahead of the competition

  • Launch faster with pre-built endpoints to simplify operations and engineering time

Build only with the best

We’ve spent years modernising the global hiring and payroll process for thousands of customers worldwide - painstakingly focused on their security and compliance above all else. Now, we’re giving our partners access so they can embed our industry-leading technology into their product suite.

  • Work with the #1 EOR and global employment platform in the industry, according to G2 and industry leaders

  • Tap into our infrastructure of local legal entities, HR specialists, and compliance experts

  • White-labelled directly in your platform to ensure you retain full control over your branding

Why Partner with Remote?

Reliable & Flexible Embedded API

Superior technology and comprehensive documentation streamline onboarding, making it easy to navigate the complexities of international regulations. Our scalable solution empowers you to design a fully customizable customer experience that seamlessly integrates with your platform.

Robust Revenue Engine

Many of your customers are considering or even close to leveraging an EOR for their distributed teams - whether they are in-office, hybrid, or fully remote. By partnering with Remote you can easily launch a new solution that meets their needs, powers high-value global revenue streams, keeps them on your platform, and gives you an unmatched competitive advantage.

Compliance & Legal Expertise

Our legal and compliance experts work alongside you to ensure the myriad of employment laws and tax requirements are up to date, so your customers have confidence in every hiring decision and payroll run.

#1 Global Employment Solution

Executives, HR leaders, managers, and employees agree: Remote is the number one choice for global HR. With Remote Embedded, you get instant access to the experience and infrastructure trusted by thousands.

Top-tier Support

It takes years to become a payroll expert. That’s why Remote Embedded is more than just access to our developer docs – it’s specialised support, world-class training, and a direct connexion to our product and engineering teams.

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All the essentials you need to start building today

  • EOR

    Automate Remote’s robust and battle-tested global hiring, management, and payment capabilities in your platform.

  • Contractor Management

    Effortlessly streamline contractor onboarding and management, ensuring smooth contract generation and error-free payment across borders.

  • Payroll

    Consolidate multi-country payroll processes and pay global teams quickly, accurately, and compliantly - supported by our in-house payroll experts.

What can you do with Remote Embedded?

The possibilities are endless – below are just a few examples of the many problems you can solve for your customers with Remote Embedded.

  • Create, push, and pull employee files across platforms

  • End-to-end hiring with built-in local compliance protections

  • List, create, and update companies

  • Optimise time off scheduling, approvals, and updates

  • Workflows to ensure financial information is up to date

  • Create, list, delete, update, and get notified for incentives

  • Offer benefit packages tailored to local teams

  • Automate offboarding processes in alignment with local regulations

Tried, tested, proven success

A track record of successful partner implementation

"Together, Gusto Global, powered by Remote is bringing small businesses access to incredible global talent, while also ensuring we’re protecting them by being compliant in the countries where their employees live and work."