Hire, manage, and scale your business in the US

Effortlessly employ your team in the United States with Remote — your partner for global growth.

One platform covers you from Alabama to Wyoming

Grow your business in the US with confidence.

The complete HR package in the US

Ditch the hassle of dealing with diverse state laws, multiple service providers, and complex compliance requirements. From payroll and benefits to EOR and PEO services, you can consolidate your US workforce administration into one platform with Remote.

We’ll help you run local payroll with confidence, meet mandatory compliance requirements, offer benefits, onboard contractors, and more, backed by expert support.

Employ in the US like your company was born there

Expanding into the US market is a significant step for every ambitious business, but it comes with its share of challenges. Remote removes the complexity with a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of managing your US workforce.

Simplified multi-state payroll and taxes

Effortlessly navigate the complexities of multi-state payroll and tax regulations.

We take the guesswork out of compliance obligations, ensuring accurate and timely payments across all states, freeing you from the burden of state-by-state nuances.

Benefits that work for everyone

Choose the right benefits packages with confidence using Remote's hand-selected benefits providers for health insurance, life insurance, and 401(k) retirement saving accounts.

We help you select locally relevant, competitively priced benefits packages that appeal to your employees while aligning with your budget and ensuring satisfaction.

Flexible employment solutions

Retain control and enhance flexibility with customizable employment options.

Whether it's full-time employees, contractors, or EOR / PEO arrangements, Remote guides you through selecting the optimal employment status for your team members, tailored to the specific requirements of each state and your unique situation.

Unify employee management

Consolidate the administration of your US employee base through a single platform.

Remote brings everything you need to hire, manage, and pay employees across different states and employment types into one intuitive interface, eliminating the need for multiple tools and simplifying your HR processes.

Comprehensive US workforce management

Unlock the full potential of your US operations with Remote's all-in-one workforce management platform. From payroll to compliance, benefits, and beyond, we simplify every aspect of managing your US employee base.

Run US multi-state payroll

US payroll should be easy. Now, it can be. Remote ensures accuracy, compliance, and efficiency every step of the way.

  • Automatically handles state and federal tax calculations, ensuring compliance and accuracy

  • Easily run monthly or semi-monthly payroll cycles with minimal effort

  • Employees receive their pay through direct deposit and can access their pay stubs online anytime

Ensure state compliance

Navigate the complex landscape of state-specific, mandatory regulations with comprehensive state compliance support.

  • Automatically handle necessary registrations with state labour and tax authorities

  • Receive real-time alerts for any changes in state regulations that affect your business

  • Keep all your state compliance documents organised and accessible in one place

Offer benefits

Attract and retain top talent with competitive, comprehensive benefits packages. Customise your offerings to attract, retain, and meet the diverse needs of your workforce.

  • We'll guide you through the complexities of US benefits to save you time and effort

  • Choose from a range of hand-selected health, life, and 401(k) plans to match your employees' needs

  • Access competitively priced plans that provide value to both your employees and your bottom line


Hire employees without an entity

Expand your team within the US and globally without managing local registrations or opening international entities. Legally hire employees almost anywhere in the world.

  • Ensure legal compliance in hiring practices across different countries

  • Generate localised employment contracts that comply with local laws and regulations

  • Handle payroll, taxes, and benefits for your global employees through a single service

  • Get support for visa applications and immigration processes for your international employees


Outsource HR tasks

If you're looking to reduce administrative burdens, working with a PEO might be the most strategic move for your business. Use our integrated PEO provider to outsource HR, payroll, and benefits administration.

  • Outsource HR tasks, including payroll, benefits administration, and compliance management, to focus on core business activities

  • Benefit from the co-employment model, which reduces your legal liabilities and administrative burden

  • Gain access to strategic HR consulting to help you manage your workforce more effectively


Work with independent contractors

Simplify contracting, invoicing, and payments, and ensure compliance with IRS rules that protect against misclassification risks.

  • Protect your business from costly misclassification errors in accordance with IRS rules, reducing legal risk

  • Automate invoice approvals and guarantee timely payments to your contractors, enhancing satisfaction and retention

  • Simplify year-end tax reporting through automated 1099 form generation and distribution

  • Work effortlessly with contractors across more than 200 countries and territories, backed by Remote's international contractor management experience

Manage all your employees in one place

Centralise your HR operations with Remote as your HRIS, designed to support all your HR needs to manage US and international employees efficiently. Free up your time and resources to focus on strategic growth, while offering a seamless HR experience for employees.

  • Easily manage your entire global team in one place, eliminating the need for multiple HR systems

  • Remote HRIS is free to use, allowing you to allocate resources elsewhere and streamline HR processes

  • Get a single source of truth for all your HR data, offering clear insights and actionable intelligence

  • Deliver a smooth, self-service experience for your employees where they can manage their own details, documents, and more

Expert support at your service

Scale seamlessly with our in-house expertise and partnership to ensure your US expansion is compliant and efficient.

Our deep understanding of US payroll and employment regulations minimises risk and guarantees that your business and employees adhere to local tax laws accurately.

  • US regulatory expertise

  • Accurate tax calculations and remittance

  • Seamless local compliance

  • In-house payroll experts

  • Contractor classification guidance

  • Automated compliance updates


Don’t just take our word for it

Trusted by global businesses

  • "With Remote Payroll, we’re able to keep everyone in the same structure within Remote. Everyone manages their holidays from the platform and has their payslips and other employment details in there, which helps us structure our entire HR function. It’s great to see one provider catering to both needs."
  • "It wasn’t really a matter of “if” our international hiring would get too complicated — it was a matter of when. We brought in Remote to help us navigate complexities and manage the process of hiring and having access to a global talent pool. They handle compliance, global payroll, and benefits, but its also a company with shared values.”
  • “Our people are located in different countries so they need payouts in different currencies, which was really difficult to figure out before we found Remote. We looked at different options but it was just too complex and we wouldn’t have been able to scale as quickly or efficiently as we have done using other providers.”

Unlock your US potential

Expand in the US

Streamline your US growth with our all-in-one platform for payroll, benefits, compliance, and employee management

  • Self-service, integrated payroll

  • Tax and labour authority reporting handled for you

  • Flexible, localised benefits

  • Hire international employees in countries where you don’t have a legal entity

  • Outsource HR through co-employment

  • Work with freelance contractors with ease

  • Free HRIS for all employees

  • Manage all your payroll needs in just minutes a month with our easy-to-use platform.

  • We eliminate the burden of filing with local authorities so you can trust that everything is taken care of.

  • Flexible benefits plans tailored to each country to help you attract world-class talent

  • Hire globally and manage international payroll without local entities

  • Share employment responsibility through a co-employment model to reduce administration

  • Onboard local and international contractors quickly and compliantly with compliant contracts, invoicing, and automated tax forms

  • Manage the full employment lifecycle in Remote. Access employee profiles, approve expenses, and track time off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote effortlessly navigates multi-state payroll and tax regulations by taking care of compliance obligations, ensuring accurate and timely payments across all states. This eliminates the need for businesses to deal with state-by-state nuances themselves.

Yes, Remote helps you choose the right benefits packages with confidence by providing access to hand-selected benefits providers for health insurance, life insurance, and 401(k) retirement savings accounts. This ensures you can offer locally relevant, competitively priced benefits packages that meet your employees' needs while aligning with your budget.

Remote offers flexible employment options, including full-time employees, contractors, or Employer of Record (EOR) / Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) arrangements. This allows businesses to adapt their workforce structure seamlessly, tailored to the specific requirements of each state and situation.