Payroll Payments

Pay your global team and your global taxes with one fast, secure system.

Save time, reduce errors, and ensure compliance

Integrated global payroll processing

Worldwide pay and tax payments made simple.

Pay expenses 

When you pay employees through Global Payroll or EOR, we’ll handle payroll calculations and payments to employees.

Paying expenses to employees not paid through Remote? It’s simple to export the details to make payments by any other method too - plus get the reports you need to make your finance team happy.

Collect every expense request

No need for different platforms for every country. Give your entire global team one simple way to submit expenses for reimbursement.

Review requests

HR and finance teams can easily review and approve all expense claims. You’ll see the full details and original invoices or receipts - and you can filter by category, employee, country, and more. 

Approval workflows

Define custom user groups with permissions to view and approve expenses - whether that’s your finance team or team managers. 

Submit in a snap

Uploading receipts, categorising expenses, and submitting requests takes seconds, even on the go, with the smart image-recognition tech in the Remote mobile app.

What they say

Global businesses trust Remote

  • “Our people are located in different countries so they need payouts in different currencies, which was really difficult to figure out before we found Remote. We looked at different options but it was just too complex and we wouldn’t have been able to scale as quickly or efficiently as we have done using other providers.”
  • Working with Remote to run our global payroll has been a great experience. The process has been incredibly smooth and easy to use. The Remote platform, and great communication from the Remote team, give us full confidence as we grow our business.
  • "With Remote Payroll, we’re able to keep everyone in the same structure within Remote. Everyone manages their holidays from the platform and has their payslips and other employment details in there, which helps us structure our entire HR function. It’s great to see one provider catering to both needs."

Discover global payroll payments

From payroll calculations to payment confirmations, Remote has everything you need to simplify your payroll process.

Consolidating global payroll pay payments is simple

Global Payroll

Consolidate your multi-country payroll


per employee/month

  • Reduce costs by centralising payroll management

  • Ensure local compliance for every country

  • Direct support from in-house local payroll experts

  • Accurate, on-time, compliant payroll to level-up your employee experience

  • Tax and labour authority reporting handled for you

  • Consolidate payroll processing across multiple countries so you can easily pay domestic and international team members from one simple hub.

  • Remote guarantees global compliance at each step of the payroll process so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Our in-house experts are always on-hand to guide you through the ins-and-outs of running payroll for your global team.

  • Remote's intuitive platform, always available technical support, and seamless communications channels keeps you and your employees satisfied.

  • We eliminate the burden of filing with local authorities so you can trust that everything is taken care of.

Discover global payroll payments

Global Payroll Payments introduces a comprehensive approach to global payroll processing with secure, automated payments. This service is designed to streamline pay disbursements and tax payments across 70+ countries, all from a single platform.

In the US, payroll processing traditionally encompasses the calculation and distribution of payments. However, outside the US, paying (or 'disbursing' salaries and payments to authorities) are usually not included in the traditional payroll service

We offer an integrated solution that includes both payroll processing and payments, simplifying the process and ensuring compliance and accuracy in every transaction.

Yes, Remote can automatically pay your employees and tax authorities in many countries using standard bank payment methods.

Once you've completed our rigorous and secure payments onboarding process, you can fund your virtual payroll wallet by bank transfer. When you've approved monthly payroll, we'll securely transmit payments to your employees and tax authorities in local currencies. You'll have complete visibility into the progress of each payment.

For all countries, you can also access a ‘bank file’ that can be uploaded into your banking software for simple scheduling of pay, benefit, and tax payments if you prefer not to use our integrated payment network.

Find out more about global payroll payments.

With Remote, you can fund payroll across multiple countries by either:

  • Funding multiple countries with one payment. Payments in different currencies are converted into local currencies using the Remote FX rate.

  • Funding payroll with payment for each local currency used.

However you decide to fund payroll, Remote makes it simple to disburse salaries and pay authorities.

Making payroll payments without Remote can be expensive with manual work, risk of human error, and payment processing fees.

However, it’s free to process global payroll payments to employees and authorities with Remote. You’ll pay just one monthly fee of $50 per employee per month for end-to-end payroll processing across multiple countries, helping you manage domestic and international team members from one hub. Find out more about what’s included with Global Payroll here.

We can support payments in many countries around the world as part of our Global Payroll solution with no extra cost. .

Some countries do not allow for third-parties to make payments to employees or authorities on behalf of an employer. In these situations, we’ll work with you to create a bank file that has all the required payment information, ready for you to upload into your banking software.

Remote automates the calculation and disbursement of tax payments to relevant authorities, ensuring compliance with local regulations in over 70 countries. This helps avoid penalties and fines with on-time payments.

Our in-house local payroll team are experts in all local payment requirements, ensuring all payments to employees, authorities, and other parties are made in accordance with local rules.