Small and Mighty Award for SMEs

This Award category is open to everyone*. We're looking forward to your entry!

You’re applying for the Small and Mighty Award for SMEs. Great!

This Award celebrates outstanding use cases of remote working within SMEs. We're looking for solid data and great examples that demonstrate the positive influence of your initiatives on team engagement, productivity, and overall work satisfaction. Bonus points for sharing data and success metrics. Good luck!

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Prepare before you enter:

This Award has seven sections to complete. To make it easier for you to prepare your entry, we have included the four main questions for this category below, each with a 2,000 character limit. You can save your entry by clicking the 'save & continue later' feature at the bottom of the entry form.

  • Your lift pitch: tell us why you should win this award

  • How have you incorporated remote working into your company? Do you have a remote-first policy, or do you have offices? Is your team spread out all over the world, or contained to a certain geographical region? We want to know how you foster a collaborative and productive workplace environment to help your company thrive. Share the steps you have taken and the outcomes you have achieved.

  • What is the impact of remote work and distributed hiring on team engagement, productivity, and overall work satisfaction? Remember, we like data, but we also love real-life stories, so please share both!

  • If you had to start again from scratch tomorrow, what would be the first three things you would do to establish remote working and distributed team management best practices in your company?

You must complete all mandatory questions for your entry to be considered. You’ll be able to save your entry and come back to it at a later date, just don’t forget to press ‘send’ before the deadline at 11:59pm UTC on March 1, 2024.

*This Award category is open to everyone! As long as you can meet the company-size criteria set out in the entry form, then you're welcome to apply. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

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Meet the Judges

Behind every exceptional Remote Excellence Award, there's an exceptional panel of judges who bring wisdom, experience, and discernment to the table. Each category is judged by a mix of senior leaders from Remote, as well as leading influencers in the field of remote working and global team leadership. This dynamic mix ensures your success is acknowledged by the best in the business.

Head of Communications and Content, Buffer

Hailley Griffis

Hailley is head of communications and content at Buffer, co-host of the podcast “MakeWorkWork” and producer of the annual “State of Remote Work” report.

Halley grims, head of communications, at the remote communication awards.
Leading expert in remote-first people experiences

Stephanie Lee

A strong believer in remote-first company design, Stephanie is a passionate advocate for topics such as vulnerability, psychological safety in the workplace, and cross-cultural collaboration.

Stephanie lee - leading remote people first experience.
VP General Counsel @ Remote

Sam Ross

Sam is the VP General Counsel at Remote. He was previously General Counsel at ComplyAdvantage and WorldRemit, where he created the Legal function from scratch. 

Sam ross at the remote influence awards.
Dates for your diary

January 25, 2024

All Awards open

March 1, 2024

Entries close at 11:59PM UTC

March 20, 2024

Winners announced 12.00PM UTC

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Remember, the Remote Excellence Awards are simple and free to enter!

We encourage you to showcase your expertise by entering multiple categories. Don't be shy; this is your moment to shine. Good luck!

Tool tips to make your entry shine

  • Tell your story, but don't write an essay

    Keep it brief: highlight key challenges, share your path to success, and provide tangible results. Make it personal: we want to hear the impacts of your initiatives on your own organisation.

  • Back it up with data

    We love data, so where possible, provide specific metrics to quantify your achievements. You can include testimonials from your team to support your submission with stronger proof points.

  • Think about the judges

    Specific judging criteria is listed on each Award entry page, so cross-reference your entry with the details to make sure you have the best possible chance. Each category panel has a mix of senior leaders from Remote, as well as leading influencers in the field of remote working (they know what they’re talking about, so you should focus on outcomes over theory).