Your guide to simple, safe, and secure international contractor management

Learn how to build a process to onboard, pay, and manage international contractors at scale. We outline the key steps you need to simplify contract setup, manage misclassification risk, and pay your contractors with maximum efficiency.

Use this guide to set up a slick and scalable process for managing international contractors.

You’ll find over 15 pages filled with practical tactics and strategic advice sourced from Remote's global HR and employment law experts. This guide walks you through the key considerations you need to tackle before you can safely scale international contractor management. By the time you finish, you’ll be primed and ready to start growing a global team filled with top-class talent.

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  1. Hire international contractors and stay compliant
  2. Quickly create compliant localized contracts
  3. Minimize misclassification risk
  4. Pay international contractors at scale
  5. Manage taxation requirements for multiple countries

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