The future of global employment

Remote recently conducted a research project analyzing trends in global employment. In this webinar, experts discuss the benefits and challenges of remote work, the evolving expectations of employees, and the role of Employer of Record services in facilitating remote work across different countries.

Insights from 1,500+ remote leaders

- There is a growing trend towards distributed workforces, with 44% of companies already hiring in more countries.

- Younger generations are more likely to anticipate working remotely and expect a more diverse workforce.

- Remote employees report higher satisfaction levels and are less likely to consider leaving their jobs compared to hybrid and local employees.

- Distributed workforces can lead to increased productivity, retention, and innovation.

- Despite the challenges and potential higher costs, many decision-makers see the value in hiring a distributed workforce to access a broader talent pool and foster diversity.

What's on the agenda?

  • Optimize headcount

    Reduce cost by hiring distributed teams

  • Recruitment speed

    Filling open roles with remote talent

  • Employee retention

    Factors affecting remote employee retention

  • Employee imbalance

    Are remote employees treated differently?

  • Practical recruiting

    Cost-effective ways to hire globally

  • Work culture

    Do remote employees feel connected and supported?

The future of global employment

What we learned from 1500 remote leaders

Your expert speakers

Watch our expert panelists for these dynamic discussion and Q&A.

  • Amanda leads the People Partner and Learning & Development teams. She is passionate about balancing empathetic and strategic, remote-first approaches that enable employees to be their best selves in and outside of work. Amanda brings years of People and Operations experience from within the global start-up space.
  • Preston is the Content Marketing Manager at Remote, where he leads the development of knowledge materials on global employment, international labor laws, and remote work insights. A native Texan, Preston has been a champion of remote work since 2014.
  • Paula is the vice president of onboarding and mobility at Remote, where she helps create welcoming and seamless experiences for businesses and their team members around the world. Paula is a leader in the software industry with operations leadership experience ranging from Silicon Valley to Europe. She is passionate about helping companies run at maximum efficiency.
  • Masha is a manager of talent acquisition at Remote. She is an expert at leading global teams of recruiters, talent sourcers, and recruiting coordinators to find and onboard the best talent around the world. She is passionate about participatory art in all its forms, sustainability, and her two cats.

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