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Whether you want to hire one person or a whole team, Remote's guide to hiring employees and contractors in Syria can help you get started. Note that Remote's employer of record services are not yet live in Syria.

Services available in this country:
Not available
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    Syrian pound (£, SYP)

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Services available in this country:
Not available

Employment termination in Syria

Termination process

An employer can dismiss a worker at will, or for serious misconduct, in which case the employee won’t be entitled to any severance pay.

Notice period

An employer is required to notify indefinitely employed workers at least two months before dismissing them, or they’ll be required to pay a severance benefit in lieu of notice.

Severance pay

Syrian employees are entitled to a month’s wages if they’re dismissed for medical incapacity, disability, retirement, or in the event of their death.

Likewise, if an employer fails to prove that an employee has been dismissed for serious misconduct, they’ll be required to pay them a severance package equal to two month’s wages per year of employment.

Probation periods

A probation period of not more than three months should be stated in an employment contract.