Getting more from your HR tech stack

New growth means new challenges — but also new solutions. But how do you get more out of your HR tech stack? What should you look for when choosing to add to it?

Harness the power of your HR tech stack

The world of work has changed forever. Where people used to commute to offices, more people than ever are working from home, from the road, and from new locations all over the world. More than 53% of companies have shifted their growth strategy to focus on remote international talent, and that figure will only grow as more companies recognise the immense potential of an international workforce.

Join Remote's former VP of People, Nadia Vatalidis, along with our partners from HiBob and AngelList Talent as we discuss the world of HR tech and reveal why now is such an exciting time to use your HR tech in a more strategic way. From integrations to API’s, this is an exciting time to use the flexibility and power of your HR tech stack to grow your business.

What's on the agenda?

  • How to integrate multiple HR tools to get more done with fewer logins

  • Tips to use your tech to automate and scale recruitment, onboarding, hiring, payroll, and benefits administration

  • How the most efficient companies construct their HR tech stacks

  • Which tools to prioritise according to your unique needs

  • Practical usage tips and common mistakes to avoid

Webinar: Getting more from your hr tech stack

Your expert speakers

Join our panellists for a discussion and Q&A about how they’ve created winning strategies.

  • Nadia is exceptionally passionate about a remote-first working environment, leading with values and creating a self-enabled culture to ensure everyone is set up for success. She came from GitLab, and helped the company scale from 75 to 1300 employees.
  • Alyssa Previti is the Head of People at AngelList Talent. After studying psychology and US health care in college, she found a love for people-oriented work. She's been working at AngelList brand companies for over 6 years, and has spent the last few years leading HR for AngelList Talent in particular. She's passionate about the employee lifecycle experience and gardening.
  • Will Smith has spent more than 8 years working in the SaaS tech space, with a focus on HR tech for the past 4 years. Focussed on delivering value for current and prospective customers. Will has worked for SD Worx UK formerly Ceridian UK&I and more recently HiBob, where his main focus has been helping organisations streamline HR processes to enable growth and scale across the Globe. Will has led national and international teams where he supported Go To Market initiatives in the DACH, Iberia and ANZ.