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  • Full-featured online HR software

    From onboarding to offboarding and everything in between, you can do it on one centralised human resource management system.

  • Scale globally at your pace

    Whether you have a small team or a global enterprise, we’re ready to help with the tools you need and the features you love.

  • A platform your team will love

    From easy access to documentation to smooth PTO management, your employees 

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We don’t like hidden fees and third-party add-ons. So we don’t charge any. Our flat-rate pricing plans let you predict your bill with pinpoint accuracy every time.


Manage all of your employees in one place


Top features

  • Guided onboarding and offboarding

  • Employee profile and document management

  • Time and attendance (time off and tracking)

  • Expense management and reimbursement

  • Employee self-serve on the platform and mobile app

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Remote’s HRIS is free to use. You can sign up for a free account — no credit card required — or log in if you already have one. Then you can add and invite your employees one at a time or in bulk.

You have the option to use Remote to process payroll for your employees, onboard and pay contractors, or hire international employees in countries where you don't have a legal entity; this allows you to manage your entire team from a single platform and consolidate your HR data and processes. These complementary products do have a cost associated with them.

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If you have your own legal entity in the country where you employ, you can use Remote HRIS for free to add, invite, and manage employees located there. They’ll get free access to their own version of the Remote platform and our employee mobile app to complete key tasks on the go.

If you want to employ in a country where you don’t have a legal entity, you can use Remote Employer of Record to compliantly hire, manage, and pay them for one low, flat price. The best part? You can conveniently manage them in the same platform as your own-entity employees and contractors.

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If you’re ready to manage your global team using Remote, you can sign up for a free account — no credit card is required.

After answering some simple questions and verifying your email address, you’ll get access to the Remote platform where you can start adding, inviting, and managing your employees one at a time or in bulk.

If you already have a Remote account, you can log in and use HRIS at any time.

There is no limit to how many employees you can add to Remote.

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Take a self-guided tour of Remote HRIS

After you sign up or log in to the Remote platform, you can add your employees one at a time or in bulk from the Onboarding tab.

You’ll be guided every step of the way through the simple add employee flow.

Each employee will receive an email letting them know you’ve invited them to join your company on Remote. They’ll be able to create their own account, get a custom onboarding checklist to complete, and have access to the employee mobile app to complete key tasks on the go.

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No, you can add, invite, and manage as many employees as you want to Remote HRIS for free. You can do this one employee at a time or via our bulk upload process.

We encourage you to add all your workforce so you can manage them under a single login. This also helps you consolidate your HR data and processes to improve efficiency and glean actionable insights.

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