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Whether you want to hire one person or a whole team, Remote's guide to hiring employees and contractors in Cuba can help you get started. Note that Remote's employer of record services are not yet live in Cuba.

Services available in this country:
Not available
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    Cuban peso ($, CUP)

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Services available in this country:
Not available
A city in havana, cuba.

Employment termination in Cuba

Termination process

Cuban employment law states that employees cannot be ‘fired’ but can be returned to the hiring pool (or the entity that hired them to the employer) in a process known as devolución.

Employees can be dismissed at will as long as they're notified in advance and paid any applicable severance benefits — unless for cases of severe misconduct, for which an employee can be dismissed without severance payments.

Notice period

Indefinite contracts can be terminated with 30 days’ notice, while employers are required to provide 15 days’ notice before dismissing workers who’re employed on temporary contracts.

Severance pay

Cuban employees are entitled to severance payments proportional to their tenure with an employer, such as:

  • Up to nine years of employment: one month’s salary

  • 10 to 19 years of employment: two months’ salary

  • 25+ years of employment: three months’ salary

  • 30+ years of employment: five months’ salary

Probation periods

Limited to 180 days, i.e. six months. Contracts can be terminated without penalty during the probation period.