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Compliant solutions to help your clients grow

Give your clients an easier way to build a streamlined, cost-effective global team with special discounts on our international payroll and employment services.

Reasons partners love Remote

Guarantee Compliance

Our team of labour law attorneys and HR specialists protect your client’s business as they grow

Build Customer Loyalty

Give your clients the global employment solutions they need to scale

Top Industry Solutions

Our easy-to-use platform takes the guesswork out of global HR, payroll, benefits, and more.

Common partners we collaborate with

Tax Firms

Accounting Firms

Financial Advisors

Fractional CFOs


Business Advisors

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It’s good to share

You recommend Remote to your clients looking to scale internationally and we give them a special discount to easily hire and onboard contractors and full-time employees. It’s that simple.

Work with our team to build the best discount for your clients. Offers could include:

  • 20% off contractors

    Get 20% off our contractor management services during your first year with Remote.

  • Free Global Growth Assessment

    Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our HR experts to evaluate their future growth plans and global employment needs.

  • 20% off full time hires

    Get 20% off our employer of record services on all full-time hires made in their first year with Remote.

Global partners love Remote

  • “Remote is a great fit to be our first employer of record (EOR) integration because their local infrastructure offers HR teams globally a scalable, affordable, and flexible option with full transparency into the onboarding process.”
  • “Remote is naturally aligned with HiBob’s mission and values of simplifying the globalisation of the modern workforce, and our extensive overlapping customer bases can now benefit from our integration.”
  • “We're excited to collaborate with Remote as the shift to distributed teams continues to evolve. With tools like Remote and Carta Total Comp, our customers are transforming how hiring is done in their organisations, and Remote is an excellent partner to help teams create global fluency and tap into the vast potential of talent around the world.”
  • “Through our partnership with Remote, On Deck fellows and founders can scale their startups faster by hiring talent anywhere in the world. After using Remote internally, we are excited about endorsing it to our community as they grow their businesses.”
  • “The future is remote work, and Remote is a leader in the EOR space. We’re delighted to work with them and give our customers greater choice and flexibility when it comes to managing their global growth.”
  • "As Remote's first ATS integration partner, our customers can optimise their hiring from anywhere. And when barriers to hiring globally are reduced, it opens doors for a more diverse talent pool."
  • “At Sequoia, we know that tech innovations are critical for unifying, streamlining, automating, and elevating people functions. With the Remote API, the people-driven companies we work with will be able to simplify their benefits and compensation operations and focus on continuing to deliver what’s most impactful for their global teams.”
  • “Remote hiring helps startups build their teams faster by giving them access to the global pool of talent. Hiring leaders and HR teams are in a race to modernise how they source and onboard new team members. That’s why our partnership with Remote makes sense for our customers who are looking for an easy and compliant solution to hiring the talent they find through AngelList.”

HR designed to help your clients scale compliantly

Accelerate your clients’ growth both legally and compliantly with Remote’s globally distributed platform. By partnering with Remote, you can offer them one easy solution to employ teams in any country through our localized payroll, benefits, tax solutions, and more at a fraction of the retail cost!

Best-in-class local benefits

Always keeping our customers one step ahead, we empower them with country-specific benefits at competitive rates for everyone on their team.

Easy-to-use HR platform

Our all-in-one platform makes it easy for growing companies to onboard and pay engineers, salespeople, and every role in between in any location, so they can stay focused on driving their business forward.

Faster contractor payments

Remote takes the guesswork out of invoicing and payments no matter where your contractors live.

Built-in security they can trust

We make the security of our customers' data and the data of their employees our top priority with enterprise-grade data protection and compliance.

What you can expect

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