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Pay anyone, anywhere — from your team in the office to your team abroad, all with Remote Payroll.

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  • Your in-house payroll partner

    Supercharge your payroll capabilities with the power of Remote. Whether you have a robust payroll department or zero in-house expertise, we help you do more.

  • Compliance made easy

    Staying compliant with payroll laws is tricky, especially across international borders. Remote Payroll keeps you compliant everywhere so you can pay your team with confidence.

  • One centralised payroll platform

    Using multiple third parties to handle payroll at home and abroad? Consolidate with Remote Payroll to handle everything in one browser tab.

See just how easy global payroll can be

Remote Payroll covers your whole team, everywhere.

Always fair pricing

We don’t like hidden fees and third-party add-ons. So we don’t charge any. Our flat-rate pricing plans let you predict your bill with pinpoint accuracy every time.

Global Payroll

Consolidate your multi-country payroll


per employee/month

Top features

  • Reduce costs by centralising payroll management

  • Ensure local compliance for every country

  • Direct support from in-house local payroll experts

  • Accurate, on-time, compliant payroll to level-up your employee experience

  • Tax and labour authority reporting handled for you

Expert Payroll insights, just one click away

Process payroll for your own entities, in one platform

Say goodbye to multiple payroll providers, complicated software, and bloated spreadsheets.

Multi-country payroll, made easy

We'll help you set up, manage, and evolve your payroll process for all your international entities in one place.

With our Global HR Platform, you'll save time and money with integrated pay payments, expense management, and time and attendance. Plus you'll get support from our in-house local payroll experts to guide you, every step of the way.

Get your global payroll processing under control in weeks, not months - talk to sales today.

Streamline payroll calculations and payments

Whether you run payroll for one country or 100, you know how difficult it can be to pay your team on time correctly, every time. Our in-house local payroll experts know what it takes to get it right and stay on top of regulatory changes so you don't have to.

Payroll visibility

Review, edit, and approve payroll runs - no training required. See upcoming payroll runs and all your to-dos

Full transparency

Get an at-a-glance view of all your payroll, tax, benefit, and other deductions

Complete control

Track and approve incentives, bonuses, salary changes, and PTO

Instant updates

Onboard new starters and process leavers in no time

Experience Global Payroll for yourself

See just how easy it is to run seamless multi-country payroll with our interactive demo.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

1. Review and submit payroll data

Approve expenses, incentives, time off, and make any
amendments to your team.

2. Add starters and leavers

We handle everything to register starters and leavers
with labour and tax authorities.

3. Approve the payroll run

When you’re satisfied, approve your payroll run and Remote will make the final, compliant calculations.

4. Process pay payments and view reports

Simply fund your payroll wallet and we'll automatically distribute payments around the world in local currencies to your employees and local authorities. You'll have complete visibility of payments, every step of the way.

Built-in flexibility and support

Process off-cycle pay runs, finalise payroll just days in advance, and have a Payroll Specialist on hand to answer your questions anytime.

Ensure payroll compliance for every country

Staying on top of regulatory changes around the world is our job. Our deep expertise in global payroll regulations means less risk for your business.

Ensure you and your employees pay the right tax, not a cent more

We understand local employment tax rules and calculate the right amount to remit to local authorities.

Meet local payroll regulations, every time

Our built-in compliance ensures the smooth running of payroll around the world.

Trusted by global businesses

  • "With Remote Payroll, we’re able to keep everyone in the same structure within Remote. Everyone manages their holidays from the platform and has their payslips and other employment details in there, which helps us structure our entire HR function. It’s great to see one provider catering to both needs."
  • "It wasn’t really a matter of “if” our international hiring would get too complicated — it was a matter of when. We brought in Remote to help us navigate complexities and manage the process of hiring and having access to a global talent pool. They handle compliance, global payroll, and benefits, but its also a company with shared values.”
  • “Our people are located in different countries so they need payouts in different currencies, which was really difficult to figure out before we found Remote. We looked at different options but it was just too complex and we wouldn’t have been able to scale as quickly or efficiently as we have done using other providers.”

Compare traditional payroll services to Remote Payroll

Remote Payroll

Other Payroll Services

Global coverage

In-house, local payroll support

Self-service platform

Local compliance updates

Pay calculation

Statutory benefit deductions

Tax, social security, and labour authority filings

Pay and tax payments (where possible)

Payslip generation

Process equity tax withholdings

Integrated HR platform

Integrated expense management

Integrated time and attendance

Employee self-serve platform


Dedicated implementation specialist

Transparent, pricing

No additional fees for starters/leavers

Solve your global payroll challenges with Remote

Global Payroll

Consolidate your multi-country payroll


per employee/month

  • Reduce costs by centralising payroll management

  • Ensure local compliance for every country

  • Direct support from in-house local payroll experts

  • Accurate, on-time, compliant payroll to level-up your employee experience

  • Tax and labour authority reporting handled for you

  • Consolidate payroll processing across multiple countries so you can easily pay domestic and international team members from one simple hub.

  • Remote guarantees global compliance at each step of the payroll process so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Our in-house experts are always on-hand to guide you through the ins-and-outs of running payroll for your global team.

  • Remote's intuitive platform, always available technical support, and seamless communications channels keeps you and your employees satisfied.

  • We eliminate the burden of filing with local authorities so you can trust that everything is taken care of.

We handle compliance so you don’t have to

  • Salary calculation

  • Statutory benefit deductions

  • Tax, social security, and labour authority filings

  • Integrated pay and tax payments

  • Payslip creation and access

  • Process equity tax withholdings

Frequently Asked Questions

You could be managing payroll for your team within weeks, a significant improvement over the months-long wait with other providers. You'll have an implementation specialist to support you through the process and help formulate your payroll strategy.

Running payroll globally is seamless with Remote, covering top tech talent destinations such as the UK, US, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Ireland, South Africa, Indonesia, India, and many more. We manage payroll internally with local experts to guarantee compliance with local regulations, offering more flexibility and speed by not using third-party services. We’re continuously expanding our reach to new countries. Connect with our sales team to explore how we can support your global payroll requirements.

Remote safeguards your business and employees' sensitive information with advanced security measures. We are SOC 2 compliant and ISO27001 certified, which means your data is in safe hands.

We require two-factor authentication (2FA) and provide single sign-on (SSO) for enhanced security.

Our security protocols are audited and verified regularly by independent third-party auditors. Read more about Remote’s security and compliance standards.

Yes, in some countries, Remote can automatically pay your employees and tax authorities using standard bank payment methods.

Once you’ve gone through our secure and detailed payments onboarding process, you can fund your virtual payroll wallet via bank transfer. After you’ve approved the monthly payroll, we’ll securely send payments to your employees and tax authorities in their local currencies. You’ll have complete transparency into each payment’s progress.

For all countries, you can also get a ‘bank file’ to upload into your banking software, making it simple to schedule salary, benefit, and tax payments if you prefer not to use our integrated payment network.

Find out more about Remote Payroll payments.

Employing and paying staff in another country usually requires:

  1. A local business entity

  2. A local bank account

  3. Registration with local tax and labour authorities

If you lack these, our Employer of Record service can be a solution. This service lets you hire international employees without setting up local entities. We manage hiring, compliance, payroll, benefits, and more, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Learn more about when to use an Employer of Record.