Misclassification risk? Not with Remote’s Contractor Management Plus.

Hire contractors across 200+ countries and territories confidently with indemnity protection against misclassification.

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Hire contractors with confidence

Employee misclassification carries serious risks — taxes, penalties, fines and reputational damage. Contractor Management Plus ensures an unmatched contractor management experience. From easy onboarding to automated payments and rock-solid localised contractor agreements, we make zero comprises on compliance. Start onboarding your contractors risk-free, in just a few clicks.


Working with international contractors is a breeze

Take the tour to see how you can protect your business with Remote's compliant contracts, smart invoicing, and indemnity coverage against misclassification risks.

Enhanced compliance you can rely on

You should be able to onboard, manage, pay your contractors and protect your business, all from one place.

Misclassification risk protection you can trust

Integrate an added layer of security against contractor misclassification and maintain compliance, so you don’t have to worry about navigating local laws and regulations.

Hire contractors confidently with indemnity assurance

Our contracts are rock solid and vetted by local legal experts and guarantee indemnity protection against contractor misclassification. With Remote Contractor Management Plus, we will cover penalties up to a limit of $100,000 USD per contractor and $1 million USD per client.

Your peace of mind is our priority

We crafted our contractor services agreements with a deep understanding of local labour laws to ensure compliance and mitigate risks. Because your peace of mind matters most to us.

Contractor relationships are great for temporary roles when you need specialist skills or additional bandwidth. Misclassification occurs when workers are incorrectly labelled as independent contractors despite meeting the criteria for full-time employees. Risks can include heavy penalties, federal law fines, plus back taxes and potential damage to the company reputation. Find out your misclassification risk by taking our free assessment.

Consider your misclassification risk covered

  • Localised contractor services agreement

  • Statement of work

  • Indemnity coverage up to $1M

  • Assign signatory for agreements

  • Automated invoicing

  • Recurring and scheduled invoices

  • Bulk invoice approvals

  • Bulk payments

  • Multi currency support

  • Guaranteed FX payouts

Hire the best international talent

Remote Contractor Management Plus

Everything in Remote Contractor Management with added indemnity coverage.


per contractor/month

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  • Robust indemnity protection and compliance with local laws

  • Work with contractors compliantly in 200+ countries

  • Coverage up to $100,000 per contractor for penalties

  • Create, fill out, and sign tailored, compliant contracts

  • Transparent payments with zero hidden fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Contractor Management Plus is priced at $99/contractor/month. You can get started with Contractor Management Plus by signing up here.

Businesses can pay contractor invoices by wire transfer, ACH, SEPA, and credit or debit card. Contractors receive payments directly to their nominated bank accounts via Stripe Connect.

Contractor Management Plus is an add-on that protects your business from the risk of misclassifying contractors. It includes all the features of Remote Contractor Management and offers indemnity coverage up to $100,000 USD per contractor, with a maximum of $1M USD per client.

Yes, definitely. You can manage contract upgrades and downgrades anytime right from your Remote account. Learn more about how to handle contractor upgrades on Remote.

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