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  • Powerful automation tools on a centralised platform

    Spend less time managing invoices and making payments so you can spend more time building your business and less time on contractor management outsourcing.

  • Maximise value while minimising costs

    Easily manage contractors everywhere at a flat-rate price on a contractor management system that automatically detects which contractors are active to keep your bill low.

  • Protect against misclassification risk while you scale

    Protect your company from contractor compliance risk with built-in misclassification and tax tools.

Remote Contractor Management in action

 Scale and manage your global contractor workforce with ease.

Integrations make Remote even better

We play well with others. Connect Remote to some of the world’s top names in HR and see how good life can be when all your tools work together.

Always fair pricing

We don’t like hidden fees and third-party add-ons. So we don’t charge any. Our contractor management software automatically keeps your bill as low as possible every month setting us apart from other contractor management outsourcing options.

Contractor Management

Compliantly onboard and pay contractors


per contractor/month

Top features

  • Only pay for contractors you actively work with

  • Work with contractors in 200+ countries

  • Create, edit, and sign tailored, localised contracts

  • Approve contractor invoices with one click or auto-pay

  • Transparent payments with complete visibility

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Frequently asked questions

You can get started with Remote Contractor Management for free! Enjoy a 30-day trial to onboard and manage contractors without any charges.

After the trial, if your contractors engage in billable activities like invoicing, contract signing, or receiving payment for pending invoices, the cost is $29 per contractor per month. Credit card payments carry a 3.5% service fee, but rest assured, no hidden fees or surprises. Find out more about Remote Contractor Management and our Fair Price Guarantee on our blog.

Your free-trial is activated immediately after you add a contractor.  What payment methods are available? Businesses can pay contractor invoice by wire transfer, ACH, SEPA, and card. Contractors receive payments directly to their nominated bank account via Stripe Connect. 

Companies can pay contractor invoices via wire transfer, ACH, SEPA, and credit card. Contractors receive their payments directly into their designated bank accounts using Stripe Connect.

Same-currency contractor payments are free to receive. Contractors may be charged 1-2% of their payment for currency conversions by our payment partner. There are no other fees to receive payments as a contractor through Remote, and we don't add any other service or handling fees.

Yes, you sure can. Plus, you have the option to use our contract templates and guides to make sure you're in full compliance with local labor laws.

While Remote cannot provide legal advice, we offer localised contractor agreements and a robust statement of work to assist you and your contractors in working compliantly, adhering to local labour laws and regulations. Remote also provides an added layer of protection against misclassification risk through Contractor Management Plus. This add-on not only ensures contractor compliance, but also provides indemnity coverage in case of misclassification. Learn more about Contractor Management Plus.

By working with an independent contractor management service like Remote, you can eliminate redundant admin tasks, lower the risk of human error, and focus on the most critical aspects of your strategy.

Managing payroll for contractors is an essential feature to expect from these services, but it’s only one part of what you need. Localized contract templates, managing international payments, and handling taxes in various countries are equally crucial.

Navigating the complexities of global contractor management might seem overwhelming, but teaming up with a trusted provider like Remote simplifies the process and reduces risks. This way, you can dedicate more time to your business rather than becoming an expert in global labor laws and tax regulations.

Not all solutions are identical, so it’s essential to learn about the most valuable features of contractor management and payroll services. Contracts compliant with local labor laws and streamlined global payments are just the basics.

Expert guidance keeps you flexible in making important decisions. Remote’s support helps you navigate the nuances of onboarding contractors in over 170 countries and provides on-demand visa and immigration services.

Managing payments for contractors, especially international ones, can strain your team's resources. Each new contract adds to the workload, making compliance with global regulations tough for a growing team. A scalable and precise system is crucial for paying independent contractors and ensuring contracts meet local labour and tax laws. For instance, in the US, appropriate tax forms must be collected and generated.

To handle payments across multiple countries, an efficient system to manage various currencies without hefty fees is needed. Automating this process not only future-proofs your setup but also simplifies handling diverse payment terms.

We’re delighted to have you with us! Whether you’re a current Remote customer or new to our platform, you can effortlessly onboard, offboard, and manage independent contractors globally. Remote makes it straightforward to pay your contractors in their chosen currencies, handle invoices, automate payments, and keep track of essential documents. You only pay for active contractors on Remote, so if you stop working with a contractor for a few months, you don’t need to take any action to save money. Remote automatically checks whether your contractors are active and only charges you for services you‌ use. For more details, see the Remote Fair Price Guarantee.

Manage all your contractors in one place

Onboarding and managing international contractors is easy with Remote. Save time on admin work with compliant local contracts and automated invoicing and payments.

Self-service onboarding

Enable contractors to add their own details and verify their identity.

No more juggling multiple tools

Manage contractor status, contracts, time off, invoices, payments, tax forms and more.

Sweet benefits for contractors

With Remote, your contractors can get access to exclusive health benefits and perks at discounted rates.

Easy reporting and tax filing

Simplify accounting with invoice payment reports, and we’ll help you pre-fill tax form 1099-NEC.

Take the tour

See just how easy it is to hire, onboard, and pay contractors around the world.

Protect against risk with localised contracts

No need to hire expensive international employment lawyers to create compliant localised contracts. Our in-house legal experts have you covered.

Create, edit, sign fully compliant contracts

Accelerate contractor onboarding by using our contract templates or upload your own. Remote’s contracts are vetted by legal experts and guaranteed to be fully compliant with local tax and employment laws.

Manage contract signing responsibilities

Assign signatories for your contractors’ agreements, so you can oversee contract terms, coordinate contract signing and stay up-to-date on contract records together as a team.

Bilingual contracts keep everyone on the same page

No matter where your contractor is based, stay compliant by creating bilingual contract agreements and meeting regional regulations.

All your contracts, one location

View, store and manage contracts in one place. Get centralised visibility and control over draft contracts, contracts pending signature, and signed contracts.

Hire and pay contractors anywhere

  • 180+

    Countries supported

  • 70+

    Currencies supported

  • 99%

    Invoices paid out in 3 business days

Keep misclassification risk in check

Use our free employee misclassification risk calculator to understand your risk level – and what you can do to fix it.

Pay your contractors quickly and compliantly

Manage your finances and keep tabs on payments. You’ll save time, while your contractors get paid in minutes, not days.

Complete payment visibility

See exactly where each invoice payment is in our network, the expected payment date, and any applicable fees. 

Schedule contractor invoices

Generate compliant invoices on behalf of the contractor and auto pay them on a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly frequency.

One click invoice approvals

Enable smart invoice approvals and set it up individually or in bulk, eliminating manual approval hassles.

Automatic invoice payments

Set up automatic payments for your contractors and keep track of payment status in real time.

Quick and easy payment insights

Get detailed data on invoices including contractor rate, currency, time off information, payout date and more. Download as a CSV for easy auditing.

The all-in-one solution for managing global contractors

  • Fair pricing

  • Compliant contracts

  • Credit card payments

  • IP rights protected

  • Track time off

  • Pay multiple invoices with one click

  • Onboard contractors in bulk

  • Invoice and pay in bulk

  • Zero exchange fees

  • Single payment for multiple invoices

  • ACH/direct debit payments

  • Recurring invoices and automated payments

  • Work with business entities

  • Work with individual contractors

Start your free trial, upgrade later

Free trial for 30 days. $29 per contractor later. Only pay for contractors you’re working with actively. 24/7 customer support.

Contractor Management

Compliantly onboard and pay contractors


per contractor/month

  • Only pay for contractors you actively work with

  • Work with contractors in 200+ countries

  • Create, edit, and sign tailored, localised contracts

  • Approve contractor invoices with one click or auto-pay

  • Transparent payments with complete visibility

  • Our Fair Price Guarantee means you only pay for the contractors you're actually working with every month saving you time and money.

  • Hire contractors anywhere in the world, quickly and compliantly.

  • Our contracts ensure you are compliantly hiring your contractor in line with local labour laws.

  • One payment request for all your contractors so you can review, approve, and send payments in seconds.

  • Our payment process is fully transparent, so you can track everything from pay in to pay out.

Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what our customers say

  • Remote’s Contractor Management Platform enables us to scale the business with maximum flexibility while staying compliant. It’s a win-win.
  • “Remote gives us full control over how we manage our contractors. The small fee each month is nothing compared to the peace of mind we get from knowing that we’re paying people correctly, compliantly, and efficiently.”
  • “Remote’s Contractor Management platform makes it super easy to pay in multiple currencies with the click of a button and arrange everything in one place. Everything is compliant and we can onboard quickly to respond to spikes in demand.”