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With localized contracts, easy invoice management, and best-in-class compliance, you can grow your team in Barbados with confidence. Currently, you can hire and manage contractors in Barbados through Remote, but our EOR services are not yet live.

Services available in this country:
Contractor Management
  • Capital City


  • Currency

    Barbadian dollar ($, BBD)

  • Languages

    English and Bajan Creole

  • Population size


Services available in this country:
Contractor Management
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Employment termination in Barbados

Termination process

Employee contracts can be terminated with written notice provided a reasonable justification is provided. Otherwise, an employee who is deemed by a labor tribunal to have been terminated unfairly might have to be reinstated.

Notice period

Employees should be informed of a termination anywhere from a week to ten weeks in advance — depending on their tenure, otherwise payment can be made in lieu of notice.

Severance pay

The Barbadian Severance Payments Act states that employees who’re laid off for reasons other than misconduct are entitled to severance benefits, provided they have been employed for at least 104 weeks.

In such circumstances, an employee would be owed two and half weeks’ wages for each year worked, for the first ten years of employment.

This rate increase to three weeks’ pay for the 11th to the 20th year of employment, and finally, three and half weeks’ pay for the next 13 years of employment, i.e., years 21 to 33 of an employee’s tenure.

  • Years 1 - 10: 2.5 weeks’ pay per year

  • Years 11 - 20: 3 weeks’ pay per year

  • Years 21 - 33: 3.5 weeks’ pay per year

Probation periods

There are no statutory probation periods and employees can generally be dismissed at will until after they’ve completed a year of service.