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Finally, an HRIS built for global teams

Now you can manage your entire global workforce in one place, freeing up your time and money so you can grow your business.

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Consolidate your HR tech stack with Remote HRIS

If you're struggling to manage your HR data and processes as you scale, we're here to help. Cut tools, costs, and overhead from your HR stack - and streamline employee management around the world.

The HR platform you'll love to use

As you grow, you need a single view of your entire global team with helpful hints that support you as you expand and evolve your team.

If you're struggling to manage your HR data and processes as you scale, we're here to help. Cut tools, costs, and overhead from your HR stack - and streamline employee management around the world, with Remote.

Manage your entire team in one place

Ditch the spreadsheets, manual work and multiple logins. Manage your entire team from the beautifully simple Remote platform.

Save time and money

Remote HRIS is free to use and eliminates the need to maintain multiple systems. Use the savings to grow your business and delight your team.

De-silo your data

If your data lives here, there, and everywhere, then you’re not getting the most from it. Let Remote be your single source of HR truth with actionable insights.

Harmonize your HR process

Enjoy everything under one login, create unique roles and permissions for your organization, and let us bring your most important to-dos to the surface.

Onboard in a few clicks

Go from “I’m ready to hire” to “Welcome aboard!” in minutes with our seamless flows that eliminate friction and guesswork.

Add, invite, done.

Add and invite your employees one at a time or via bulk upload, providing basic details about them and their job. This usually takes 5 minutes or less.

Automatic invites

Hires are cared for every step of the way with an automatic email invite to join your team on Remote and instant access to their own employee account.

Custom onboarding checklists

Each hire gets a custom onboarding checklist to complete at their pace; employers have full visibility to track their progress.

Offboarding too

When the time comes to say goodbye to an employee, you can expect the same delightful, streamlined experience for offboarding

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See just how easy it is to manage your entire global workforce in one place.

Don’t just take our word for it

The HRIS trusted by modern distributed businesses

  • "The HRIS platform is easy to use and everything is there right in front of us . . . because everything comes together and we’re not having to update different sources. That helps us be more efficient, which is so important in a scale-up."
  • "Compared to other HRIS tools, the interface is clean, intuitive, and constantly improving."

Intelligent employee profiles

As your team grows, the ability to easily and securely store, access, and update employee information is non-negotiable; that’s where Remote profiles come in.

Update in a snap

Update Alisa the Accountant’s salary, Marcelo the Marketer’s job title, or Fumiko the Financial Analyst’s contract agreement instantly with the click of a button.

View the details

Who is Vanessa’s emergency contact? What food is Oliver allergic to? When did Mei last get a raise? Access each employee’s key details at any time.

Grant access

Through Remote’s powerful roles and permissions engine, you decide who can access and update contract details and sensitive employee information.

Single source

Profiles are the single source of employee information, combining contract details you decide with personal information the employee provides.

Offer employee self-service

From the moment your team member is invited to onboard, to their last day on the job — and everything in between — Remote streamlines the employee experience. Empower your team to self-serve and give yourself some time back.

Gather the details

Employee details — from direct deposit preferences to t-shirt size — will always be up-to-date thanks to self-onboarding and self-update capabilities.

Generate documents

Employees can generate documents like proof of employment and pay stubs without any assistance.

Time and attendance

Workers can track their hours and tie them to tasks, as well as request time off like vacation, sick leave, or parental leave.

Expense reimbursement

Whether it’s for travel in Thailand, office equipment in Ontario, or personal development in Portugal, employees can easily submit their own expenses for reimbursement.

Manage approvals with ease

Approve timesheets in Taiwan, vacation requests in Valencia, or an expense in Egypt in a single click.

Permission granted

Configure your own roles, permissions, and processes, so the right people are approving the right requests.

Instant notifications

Approvers get friendly notifications and reminders to their email and dashboard when there’s something to review.

Immediate approval

In a single click, you can approve a timesheet in Taiwan, vacation request in Valencia, or expense in Egypt.

Employees know

Employees are notified about approvals as soon as they occur, so they can rest assured that everything is on track.

Everything you need to manage your global workforce

  • Employee onboarding and offboarding

  • Employee information (e.g. profile, job, pay)

  • Employee self-serve (e.g. employment verification, pay stubs)

  • Document management

  • Time and attendance (e.g. tracking hours, requesting time off)

  • Expense management (e.g. travel or home office equipment reimbursements)

  • Integrated payroll and payments

  • Employee mobile app

  • Future: Performance reviews

  • Future: Team and org charts

Manage your global team for free


Manage all of your employees in one place

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  • Guided onboarding and offboarding

  • Employee profile and document management

  • Time and attendance (time off and tracking)

  • Expense management and reimbursement

  • Employee self-serve on the platform and mobile app

  • Invite employees to the platform and get them onboarded with just a few clicks.

  • Store all of your employee data and documents in one place.

  • Manually tracking time off is a thing of the past. Employees can easily request time off so you can track hours and coverage.

  • Employees can easily submit their own expenses for reimbursement.

  • Our mobile app makes it easy for employees to submit time off requests and expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Remote’s HRIS is free to use. You can sign up for a free account — no credit card required — or log in if you already have one. Then you can add and invite your employees one at a time or in bulk.

You have the option to use Remote to process payroll for your employees, onboard and pay contractors, or hire international employees in countries where you don't have a legal entity; this allows you to manage your entire team from a single platform and consolidate your HR data and processes. These complementary products do have a cost associated with them.

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Take a self-guided tour of Remote HRIS

If you have your own legal entity in the country where you employ, you can use Remote HRIS for free to add, invite, and manage employees located there. They’ll get free access to their own version of the Remote platform and our employee mobile app to complete key tasks on the go.

If you want to employ in a country where you don’t have a legal entity, you can use Remote Employer of Record to compliantly hire, manage, and pay them for one low, flat price. The best part? You can conveniently manage them in the same platform as your own-entity employees and contractors.

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If you’re ready to manage your global team using Remote, you can sign up for a free account — no credit card is required.

After answering some simple questions and verifying your email address, you’ll get access to the Remote platform where you can start adding, inviting, and managing your employees one at a time or in bulk.

If you already have a Remote account, you can log in and use HRIS at any time.

There is no limit to how many employees you can add to Remote.

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Take a self-guided tour of Remote HRIS

After you sign up or log in to the Remote platform, you can add your employees one at a time or in bulk from the Onboarding tab.

You’ll be guided every step of the way through the simple add employee flow.

Each employee will receive an email letting them know you’ve invited them to join your company on Remote. They’ll be able to create their own account, get a custom onboarding checklist to complete, and have access to the employee mobile app to complete key tasks on the go.

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Learn about the employee experience on Remote

No, you can add, invite, and manage as many employees as you want to Remote HRIS for free. You can do this one employee at a time or via our bulk upload process.

We encourage you to add all your workforce so you can manage them under a single login. This also helps you consolidate your HR data and processes to improve efficiency and glean actionable insights.

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