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Picking a solution to manage all of your global employment needs is a critical decision. We’ve put together a list of comparisons to help you make the best choice for your growing business.

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  • Pricing

  • EOR Capabilities

  • Global Payroll Capabilities

  • Contractor Capabilities

  • Security

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$599 per employee per month

Starts at $500 per employee per month, up to $600

Additional fees for employees

No additional fees



$29 per contractor per month: only pay for the contractors you actually work with

No public pricing

Additional fees for contractors

3% credit card processing fee



$55 per employee per month

No public pricing

Additional fees for global payroll

Implementation: 1 month of payroll

Implementation: 1 month of payroll

Year-end closing: 1 month of payroll

Optional country-specific services apply separately



15% discount on Remote service fees for an unlimited number of hires for 12 months with the code RFS15OFF

No startup program

Social Purpose Organizations (nonprofits, charities, social enterprises, benefit corporations)

15% discount on Remote service fees for an unlimited number of hires for 12 months with the code RFG15OFF

No social purpose organization program

Hiring Refugee Talent

Free EOR services for up to 10 refugee employees with the code RFR10FREE

No refugee talent program

Owned entities

100% fully owned entities

Country Explorer

Limited country availability

Localized benefits package and administration

Ironclad IP and invention rights protection

Equity incentive planning support

Employee mobile app

Transparent service metrics


Number of countries supported


Not public

Government / Labor authority declarations

Tax authority declarations


Payroll support

Global payments

Exchange fees

Mid-market rate plus 1%


Locally compliant contracts

Tax document management

Localized guidance for hiring contractors in each country

Contractor payment methods

Wire transfer, Wise, Payoneer


Contractor payment card

Contractor health benefits

GDPR Compliant

SOC 2 Compliant

ISO 27001 Certified

Customizable API





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See our detailed comparison of Rippling vs Remote

* Competitive data on this page was collected as of June 24th, 2021 and is subject to change or update. Remote does not make any representations as to the completeness or accuracy of the information on this page.

Detailed comparison

How to pick the right global HR and payroll solution

A contractor-only platform may suit your current needs. But as you grow, you may find that hiring contractors poses a risk of misclassification in certain countries, which can result in fines or penalties.

If your plans include both contractors and full-time employees, you want a platform that can handle both to help reduce your management overhead.

It’s important to understand the vendor’s employment model and whether they own their own legal entities (the safest bet) or are working with third parties (pretty dodgy).

Many vendors claim to provide employment services in more than 180 countries, but how they provide those services in each country is important. If they rely on third parties in the countries where you are hiring, this can present serious business risks. Only work with a provider that can guarantee owned legal entities in the countries where you want to hire.

Many global HR and payroll solutions seem like a good value until you get the first bill.

Be sure to ask about minimum costs per country or employee, onboarding and offboarding fees, whether they charge based on a percentage of the employee’s compensation, currency transaction fees, wire fees, and more. You should never be surprised by your bill.

Remote's Fair Price Guarantee means no hidden fees, deposits, or surprises.

You want to make sure your IP is never handed off or compromised in any way, which could expose your company to big risks. Your provider should offer maximum protection for your IP and have local legal experts whose job it is to stay on top of evolving IP laws.

The last thing you want is a data breach of sensitive employee information. At a minimum, the platform should be GDPR and SOC 2 compliant. If it isn’t, look elsewhere.

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  • “We’re a publicly listed company, so we needed the stability and reliability of a well-known brand to help us scale; with the support, roadmap, and ability to ensure full legal compliance wherever we wanted to hire. Remote immediately ticked all those boxes."
  • "Remote is a very strong partner for us. Onboarding is easy and everything is compliant, from their benefits, payroll, contract and other nuances specific to that particular country. The platform is very easy and straightforward for the new joiners, which wasn't the case with our previous provider. It’s a better experience for our global workforce."
  • “Remote has been instrumental in our growth. It would have been impossible to manage such a high volume of hires without their support. They provide the whole package.”

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