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North Macedonia
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Make employment in North Macedonia easy. Let us handle payroll, benefits, taxes, compliance, and even stock options for your team in North Macedonia, all in one easy-to-use platform.

Services available in this country:
Employer of Record ProductContractor Management
  • Capital City


  • Currency

    Macedonian denar (ден, MKD)

  • Languages

    Macedonian and Albanian

  • Population size


Services available in this country:
Employer of Record ProductContractor Management
A city with mountains in the background.

Employment termination in North Macedonia

Termination process

Employers may terminate an employment contract if the business requires employee dismissal for not fulfilling work obligations, if the employee misbehaves, if the employee lacks knowledge, or if the employee breaks the rules. If an employer intends to dismiss an employee for the fault of the employee, the employee must first be warned of the possibility of termination.

Termination is prohibited for reasons of union membership, illness, pregnancy, filing a complaint, parental leave, leave for the care of a family member, taking authorized leave, military service, or for any other reason set in the employment contract or the law.

Employers may for absence without leave of three consecutive days or five non-consecutive days in one year, misuse of sick leave, intoxication, the violation of safety rules, having drugs or alcohol at work, theft, destruction of property, or the disclosure of confidential information.

Notice period

Written notice must be given before dismissal with the reason for dismissal, the possibility of legal recourse, and the right to unemployment compensation.

For indefinite contracts, one month's notice is required. Two months of notice is required if the dismissal affects over 5% or 150 employees of the company.

Termination during probation requires a three-day notice.

Severance pay

The amount of severance is based on the duration of service with a company.

In the case of redundancy for business reasons, the employer owes employees severance payments based on their length of service. The basis is the average net salary in the last six months of employment, but not less than 50% of the average net salary per employee in North Macedonia in the month before dismissal.

  • One net salary for up to five years of employment.

  • Two and one-half net salaries for five to 10 years of employment.

  • Three and one-half net salaries for 10 to 15 years of employment.

  • Four and one-half net salaries for 15 to 20 years of employment.

  • Six net salaries for 20 to 25 years of employment.

  • Seven net salaries for over 25 years of employment.

Employees can take payment for unused annual leave upon termination.

Probation periods

Probation periods should not be more than four months.

Your company should partner with an employer of record like Remote to be sure of compliance with all of the aforementioned labor laws and any other laws and regulations in regards to remote employment in North Macedonia. Employer of record services for North Macedonia may eventually be developed, so be sure to check back. Whether you’re employing in North Macedonia or another place wherein we provide services, it is important to know the labor laws about remote employment. Remote can help you with these issues.